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Grrr....WTF do you think mirrors and head checks are for!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Having a nice sedate ride home from work today...I am heading down Burwood Hwy towards Knox City...cruising along in the right hand lane a bit over the limit I come across a car in front sitting dead on 80k's and the driver with a thou shal not pass attitude...driver of Starlet in left lane is coming up on another car and seeing that my lane is moving about .5kmh faster decides she wants in...no mirrors, no headcheck, no indicator nothing...I see whats coming and am dropping speed when she cuts me off...I lay on the horn and she keeps coming over...i stay on the horn for a good 5 secs...and motion something that roughly translates into use your eyes you fcuking idiot! :evil:

    She waves me a half arsed apology and continues on her merry way...at this point I decide to get in the left lane as I need to turn further up the road...I indicate...check and move over...coming up to the lights she does the exact same thing again...traffic in her lane is banked up so she cuts me off again...I mean hell if you don't nail that pesky motorcyclist the first time you may as well have another crack right!!!

    At this point I had steam coming out of my ears...FFS this would have to be the most deplorable display of driver awareness and skill I have ever seen...although I have to say my skills for reading what a wanker in a car is going to do have improved dramatically since I've been riding

  2. huh? mirrors and headchecks?? jeez mate, your asking a bit much :shock: your lucky if a cager can see 20m in front of them, let alone the sides and rear :LOL:
  3. I'm on Burwood H'way most days, I'll add her to my list of things to avoid.
  4. slap on a 'Can't Drive Right' sticker next time to warn others. I always keep a few in in the tank bag. :D
  5. I have a very short temper, and I'm really intolerant of... well... everyone really.
    I've punched windows many times when people have come across on me.
    (Yes, I only got my learners the other day, but I had it in Darwin and let it expire.)
  6. Latest new vehicles now list: indicators and review mirrors as optional extras, such as was the case for things like air con and ABS several years ago.

    Statistics show that the consumer market is investing in up-specing their vehicles with dash matts, dancing elvis and air freshners instead.

    Latest polls indicate that indicators and review mirrors have been clasified as luxuries and unrequired navigational tools - "just a fad and a poor investement"

    Polls also indicated that dual mobile phone SMS and freeway driving skills had entered a new era - with the market share show growth in purchases of radical mobile phone cover colors whilst there was a marked reduction in the sales of indicator and brake light bulb sales.

    Sceptics envisage that new DVD veiwing technologies will enhance driver enjoyment and see it as an opportunity to teach advanced mobile phone driving techniques through reduced DVD prices.
  7. I had a bloke do a u-turn in front of me from the left lane across my line (right lane) and down the road the other way. No idea how I stopped in time and while I'm leaning on the horn, yelling and waving at the knob and the passenger who is fobbing me off while completing the spontaneous u-turn and heading down the other way of the divided road. While turning to target my commentary to make sure there was no doubt who I took exception to, I looked back and found a WRX about 1 metre from my rear wheel. I could have very easily been sandwiched regardless of how quickly I pulled up but thankfully the woman in the WRX was as quick on the brakes as me.

    Pulled into the servo to get some fuel about 300 metres down the road and the second I took the helmet off a old bloke in a Volvo wanted directions. Still mighty annoyed with what just happened I provided certain directions which probably weren't what he was looking for.

    Afterwards it made me think about how the bastard who almost killed me got off scot free while some poor old bugger coped an earful. So I've decided that from now on during these types of incidents I'll take better note of what happened and who was the idiot behind the wheel. Then take those details to the nearest police station filled out whatever is required so that they get pulled up on what they just did and hopefully make that cager aware of riders in the future.

    I think if we can get a decent number of riders jotting down rego numbers and location details rather than yelling and screaming we might just make cagers start to take some responsibility for their shitty driving and take that extra split second to look around them.

    Even if I have to do it one cage at time I'm going to wake these losers up.
  8. Yes....lets all pull out pen and paper every time we are wronged. I can see problems with either taking forever to get to destination, or putting ourselves in danger with no concentration on the road.....

    :D :D :D
  9. Don't be silly. Lil. That's what SMS is for. Just gotta learn to do it left handed so you can keep the power on. :D
  10. I had my first real gumby the other day, just going into the Domain tunnel in the right lane, he decided to move across as I was about level with his back passenger window. Tooted, tooted longer, held it down for a bit realised that no, he wasn't going to stop, even though he heard something cause I could see him sort of looking around looking for the noise :roll: .

    I slowed and he finished moving over, I filled his mirror with me making very prominent arm waving motions, yelling (sounds weird with ear plugs) and pointing at him. I actually saw him jump then he swerved back out of my lane. He was very appologetic but I was so mad and the addrenalin was pumping I just wanted to do really bad things to him and his car.

    I hope that it was a lesson he learn't with no more than a scare to both parties.
  11. It seems that experiencing idiotic and life-threatening behaviour from drivers is synomomous with being on a bike. As much as I blame the drivers for being too stupid to concentrate past "breathe in, breathe out", I also place a hefty amount of blame squarely at the feet of the relative Road Beaureas (ie: VicRoads).

    Anyone here done their Learners Tests recently? Did you get ONE question, particularly example questions, that featured a motorcycle? Were you explicitly told during your lessons about motorcycles and the differences between them and cars with regards to visibility, lane positioning, etc?

    I'll tell you the answer.


    It starts early, and it only gets worse.
  12. Matt232'ss point was spot on here. Through no direct fault of his own he was placed in a very dangerous situation. Could he have avoided being placed in that situation, probably yes. It may have involved him staying in bed that day or catching a train though. Given that Matt stopped, he obviously had allowed enough buffer.
    anyway.. What is important is to come to terms with the incident and move on from it immediately. Make sure the incident causer knows they have done the wrong thing, there is a minute chance they will think next time before doing the same thing. The reason for getting over it is that you will be better prepared for the next incident which could happen in the next 30 seconds if your mind is clear and focussed as apposed to fuming and riding according to your mood. Hard to do but at least recognise that your judgement may be temporarily impaired if you dont.
  13. wow - my mate has scared me last night about this kind of situation - so it is true. tsk tsk
  14. Yep you get that.

    Cheers 8)
  15. Unfortunately, or fortunately, you'll be wasting your time. Unless there is police witness or physical evidence of the poor driving there is little or nothing the police can do to act on your complaints.
  16. If you get the chance and can be bothered. Carry a small lump of soap and scribble your issues on the window. hard to get it off (water and sponge) but no permanent damage. Added benefit of getting the point across wile they scrub your profanities off.
  17. I've been told that if you get thier details and report it to the police's satisfaction the burden of proof that they didn't do it is on reckless driver. I'll wonder into the cop shop a few doors down next week and see what the story is from the LEOs.