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Grrr. Scooter riders. What are your gripes?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Lectre, May 29, 2007.

  1. Was just having a cigarette outside of my workplace in the city, when I see this Scooter rider pull up next to 3 bikes (well, 1 scooter, then an ER-6, then another scooter). There is no room there, so the scooter guy jumps off, moves one of the scooters, and creates himself BARELY enough room for him to slide his scooter in... After he does such, there is no way on earth that the motorcycle rider could even consider getting his bike straight, let alone roll it out. I gave him a serve on his lack of consideration but it just blew over his head (although his partner seemed to get it).

    I've got a ton of other things which hack me off about scooter riders, but instead of ranting about them all i thought I'd give other NR members a chance to chip in their two-cents worth and get it off their chest. I think that Scooter Dealerships should give out a "Facts Sheet" with friendly advice on how not to pi$$ off other road users (IE don't split traffic if you can't accelerate faster than the lead car, or don't split and plug up the gap at the front, OR DO NOT SHARE A LANE WITH A MOTORBIKE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE), which may also provide information on how best to extend their lifespan. Who knows, maybe somebody who has been reading NR and has bought a scooter could read this thread and pick up a few tips.

    Is engine cubic capacity directly proportionate to IQ?
    50cc anyone?
  2. Been done many times already: 'search' is your friend
  3. not having a go at the op, but wasn't this very issue raised a couple of weeks ago about a scooter rider moving another bike......this seems to be a more common trend among riders who are using there bikes for commuting/time saving device purposes only.....from those of us who have a bike/scooter as part of a lifestyle choice....
  4. I have a 50 and a 250, that takes my IQ up to 300 :p
    All the issues you mention above have to do directly with the rider's attitude,
    not with whether your ride has a step-thru frame or not.
    May i introduce you to Gilera DNA 50


    or maybe the Nexus 500


    Now, go and put some lub on your chain!!! :cheeky:
  5. er, i don't know if she still posts here but...daaaaaaaaaaaamn, flash! :shock: :grin:

    i, personally, don't have a thing against courteous two wheeled brotha's 'n sista's.
  6. *laugh* that quoted post is hilarious
  7. I don't believe this has anything to do with what you ride, but having said that, I park my Sportcity in Pitt St under the monorail pylons. I get in at about 6.15am, so have my pick of spots, & I've learned to take the one that doen't have enough room for more than one vehicle. However every now & then someone will try, & they will park so that they are pressed against my scoot (i.e. pylon on the other side, so I am parked in!). This is invariably a small Vespa! Luckily I'm fairly strong & I'll just pick it up & move it, but I must say I have been tempted to give it a shove!

    Strangely, it's also people who wear no protective gear other than a helmet that seem to do this. Makes me wonder if it's not related to IQ!
  8. Agree that rider's attitude plays a large part, but also have to agree that selling a scooter should involve at least suggesting that learning some bike etiquette would be a good idea. The Motorini website includes some advice along these lines, but I'm reminded of a post on another site which lambasted Kerri Anne Kennerly's little scooter segment a few months ago - she got on it in the studio sans helmet and made a complete dick of herself. The advice that went with the segment was woefully lacking in any consideration that motorised two-wheeled vehicles of any type should be treated the same way (both first and third person).

    When I got my scooter I made it my business to contact and converse with motorbike riders (mostly through forums like this) to better understand how to interact with them. But common courtesy should cover most of the transgressions outlined above. It's a shame. Worse, when it costs someone dollars, skin or their life.

    - Guran
  9. In crowded places like European cities or New York, it is quite common to leave your vehicle in neutral so that others can push it a bit to get in and out... you might not like it, but all this suggests is that we're now reaching similar level of overcrowding. Practical considerations will win over the 'etiquette' - get over it.

    The difference between us and Europe is that while we're crowding on top of each other in Sydney and Melbourne, the rest of the country lies empty...
  10. you mean like throw in some soap for the ******, in case he needs it?
    What you ride is not who you are. All you who believe that a scooter is somehow different from an equivalent motorbike, please come forward and tell me what is that difference. I've driven motorbikes and scooters with gears and automatic scooter. I am the same person/rider regardless.
    I've seen litter bikers parking like a$%h@#s because they didn't want another bike around them shadowing their tank airbrushed artwork.
    So what are those "bike etiquettes" and what are the "scooter etiquettes".

    We are in the same boat, people. Two (or three) wheels, open space, air, freedom.. That's all it is...
  11. Thank god I modified my scooter, it’s now 95cc and I felt my brain power increase the first time I started it as a 95cc….

    But I agree, you should never ever move another scooter or bike, it’s just wrong….
  12. One of the scariest things is having another rider try to move your bike so they can fit somewhere, yet they just didn't notice the disc lock you have, and crunch!

    If they don't drop your bike and just leave to park elsewhere, they may well break the castings holding calipers etc on.

    If I saw anyone touch my bike, I would charge them with unlawful use of conveyance, or perhaps stomp on their skull until their brain drips out of their ears. :evil:
  13. It's all about the fact that people move other people's property without permission. Sadly, teh majority of people who do ths ride scooters.
    If you don't like them tarnishing your image, have words to them.
    I am concerned that some person, used to a 100kg bike with a low centre of gravity, would attempt to move my bike and drop it, then piss off, leaving me a bill.
    Maybe we should smash the windows on your car and move it when we can't get enough space to park?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Absolutely, not only it is rude, but also against the law, even if you are parked in some else's private property.
    It would all be solved if we (nsw) were allowed to park anywhere...
  15. There you go with commonsense.....next you'll be advocating parking on footpaths! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. *groan*

    not again :shock: :shock: :shock:
  17. Possibly some of these scooter riders think that there is a certain amount of "cool" that will rub off on them by parking so close to you? :LOL:

    Seriously though, where I park there's plenty of room but there's still a couple of people who insist on parking in such a way as to take up far too much room. One's a Kawasaki and one's a brand new scooter. This doesn't reflect on either kawasaki or scooter owners because there's others of each there who are quite reasonable about their parking... :LOL:

    But the one that really gets my goat is the bicycle rider who insists on chaining his bicycle to a post in such a way as to (1) have it leaning against any motorcycle/scooter that parks there first or (2) to block the passenger door of any car that parks the other side of the pole.

    This is made even worse because I know where he works and he's got secure undercover bicycle parking supplied but refuses to walk the 50 metres to park it there.