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grr whats wrong with me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyro_02, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. does anyone feel like they take too much of a risk riding, just on your habits, i filter and split traffic every chance i get, but cars cruising at 100 etc. and I've learn t to wheelie and now i cant stop lol.. its like before i get on the bike i think "ok today, i behave" but it never works

    so either i'm going to be dead, or my license will be gone, or both

    or.. i can sell the bike...
    or.. i can behave...

    hard choices, hard choices

    *puts flame suit on*
  2. Trade your current ride in for a hyo 250 or a cbr125.
  3. You should be confident enough in your own skills not to have to ask questions like that. If you doubt your own ability to look after yourself, you're probably right. If you're 100% confident, you're probably right too. Nobody else's opinion is relevant.
  4. kyro_02 ever thread you make makes me crack up! Do you still have the CBR250RR that you tipped over when you got into a rage? Lol.
  5. i feel ya, i do the same, apart from the wheelies. I really need to slow down.

    Im in such a rush to get home from work and ride like an idiot, i dont know why i rush because i dont do anything when i get home so theres no need for me to rush.
  6. That's why I waited to get my bike license - I probly wouldn't have been the sanest rider til I matured a bit. But I'm glad I recognised it! :)
  7. i'm the same. And i chose to get my 250 license. (q-ride offered me straight opens due to holding my license and age) i knew i didn't have it in me to behave, so restricted myself. am glad i did too. the 250 was forgiving for when those times i didn't and the times i had close calls.

    in answer to OP, maybe you should do a course?? they teach you about being safe as well as how to ride your bike better.
  8. We are not your Mum, and will not ask you to "Please stop, you'll kill little children and burn rain forests ".
    We probably wont stroke your ego, and say how cool you are.
    Just so you know.
  9. Please stop, you'll kill little children and burn rain forests.
  10. Nothing.

    I wish you all the best, and sincerely hope you are never ever caught by the police for anything.
  11. well ill be on the bike again in the morning, im focusing myself now to behave, if that doesn't work, nothing will... !

    i feel 100% confident in my riding, and of course dont do things im unsure of of course... but my license is not confident haha, i still have 3 months before i should be risking my license at least

    the cbr 250 fiddy has been great, i think it just needed clean fuel and carby cleaner, starts first shot every morning, so im happy about that
  12. Care factor? :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.