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GRR dropped my ninja250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ibanezboy21, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. was stopping at a stop sign sloping right/left side, i stopped and leaned to the left, couldn't hold the weight since my foot wasn't flat on the ground and rolled over

    bent clutch lever,
    broken left signal light
    slightly scratched mirror/paintwork
    clutch pedal bent and stuck on 2nd gear (cannot change gears)

    so what do i do now? i got full comp with swann insurance, i dont think i can ride the bike since its stuck on 2nd gear

    only had 42km on the odometer as well :(
  2. Damn dude that sucks. I too have recently damaged my bike and my plan of attack is to drop the bike in at a mechanic on monday to get a quote. I'd suggest getting in contact with your insurance co whilst you do this. I'll probably pay for my repairs upfront then keep the receipts and claim it back off insurance. I would imagine a similar course of action would be a good starting point. Then again i'm pretty new to it all as well so I could be wrong.

    Fortunately I can ride my bike to the mechanics but you may have to get a mate with a ute to help you transport it. Then again you could probably push start the bike in 2nd and maybe just ride really slowly to your mechanic if it's close and you think you can make it.
  3. damn tht sucks... I'm glad i got the cbr 250 instea of the ninja... i stacked my cbr coming down macquarie pass last week. If it were a new ninja i would have jumped off the cliff, but being an 18 yr old cibby, well, what the hell... thats what they're made for!

    Bad news anyway mate, hope you get it fixed in no time
  4. All of that damage is easily fixed and does not/should not require the visit to a mechanic and definitely not be notified to your insurance company.

    Do you mean gear lever or clutch lever? A slightly bent gear lever is either bent back out or simply replaced. Likewise with the clutch.

    Replace the damaged indicator.

    Fairing damage, just live with it.

    Your excess will exceed any of the cost of parts.
  5. dam dude that sucks...

    Did you get the bike brand new? thats probably the one thing thats stopping me from buying a brand spankers bike, second to the cost :p
  6. I agree with cejay, i wouldn't tell the insurance as its not going to be worth it with the under 25 excess and any others like L's? you might have, could easily be a couple of grand excess...

    I'd get a quote on all the parts you broke/scratched and weigh it up first before advising your insurance company who will also raise your premium too no doubt...

    Btw i know the feeling, I dropped my new xvs650 on the exhuast with 150km total on it trying to u turn in a street at night, had no idea of the damage as it was a dark street, so i rode home super pissed at myself, luckily ony a scrape on the exhaust, but damn that sinking feeling!
  7. I'm with the fix-it-yerself crowd on this one. I've replaced a clutch lever and a couple of indicators, and I'm planning on doing some work on a crack in the fairing too. Apart from anything else, if you're a learner and you've already dropped it once, what is the chance you'll drop it again? :) I actually stocked up on the plastic lenses for the indicators because on my skinny little bike they are the first thing to hit the tarmac and they tend to snap off. Oh, and I'd definitely replace the clutch lever rather than straighten it out. If the metal has weakened you might find it snaps off in your hand one day when you least expect it. New ones are cheap, and they are easy to fit yourself.

    As for the bike being stuck in second, this may not be the gear lever. If the bike is stationary it can be bloody hard to get it to change gears. Try rolling it forwards and stomping on the gear lever while you hold the clutch in. You may find that it works. (Which is also why you should try to change gears down as you approach a stop rather than waiting until you're already stationary...)
  8. alrite guys, i just re-examined the damaged

    the signal light still works, cover just broke off, superglue/ extra screw should fix that

    fixed the clutch pedal, detached it and put it back on, works good now

    the clutch lever.... my dad tried bending it straight again but broked it off and in the process scratched teh front fairing even more GRRRR
    (let your parents touch your bike EVER)

    im still semi pissed atm, what should have i done to pevent this from happening again, maybe i should lean AGAINST the slope next time
  9. dammit it i should have read your post before i told my dad, see my above post..
  10. Doh! I posted too late it seems. :( But well done on fixing the gear lever!

    Don't worry too much about the fairing. It adds character. :) And it also means you won't be so stressed about the next nick or scratch. Oh, and think how much fun you can have one day when you mend and respray the fairings yourself.

    I'd probably recommend replacing that plastic cover, too. I'd be surprised if super glue holds it on. Mine cost me about $6 each, and I have a couple of spares tucked away in case the bike ever gets tired and decides to lay down for a little rest. ;)

    I think leaning uphill is probably the way to go, though to be honest I haven't been in that position yet. I can see how if you were kinda leaning the bike onto your downhill leg it could easily get away from you.
  11. OGGIES would have paid for themselves already
  12. and you know i actually dropped it twice, first time i tried lifting it up, got halfway and dropped it again!
  13. twistngo, I was looking at oggies but I read some discouraging things about insurance companies not paying up because the bike was modified, or claiming that the oggies actually made the crash worse. Seems like they are good for a drop, but can cause problems (at least insurance-wise) in a high-speed off.

    Do you know whether Swann would refuse a claim based on 'modifications' like oggies?
  14. Hmmmm, you have about 15hp so I wouldn't be too worried about high speed accos
  15. LOL! I think you're being generous with 15 hp. :)

    But I was actually thinking about the OP rather than my little cibby.
  16. Umm,
    Don't blame your Dad for something that would have happened to you if you tried to straighten the lever.

    Yes, it's your new bike and you hate for anything to happen to it, but it has and most likely will again. The first drop is usually the most heart breaking. :cry:
    Experience will help you with that intersection. If you have any rider friends around, ask them what they do, or watch them at the intersection.
  17. that sucks man!!!!! 42km!!!!!!!

    have you been riding long?
  18. I also dropped my Ninja (although it had 4,000klms it looked like new)...well, actually was thrown off it & it fell over on the first day I owned it. My husband kept telling people I was upset about coming off...the only thing that upset me was the damage to my bike.

    I came off again...or stepped off to be more precise...a few weeks later & a few more scratches. Again, I was annoyed at coming off but more annoyed about my bike.

    This is so disappointing but I figure it is bound to happen & is better to happen when I am learning at low speeds on quiet roads.

    We took my gear lever off & straightened it but I am now thinking I should get a new one...I will wait to see what people have to say about my post re: the gear lever.
  19. grow a third leg mate! might help with stability :p
  20. 4th time on the bike, 7 times all up including learner course and riding friends bike a few time

    now when people come over to see the bike i try prevent them from looking at the left side of the bike lol