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Grr, argh… new pants and boots make riding feel strange.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Upgraded from draggins and touring boots to full leather pants and track-ready boots, now I feel really alien on the bike. :nopity:

    The pants mean I have to sit and move a bit differently (not to mention filtering is harder because the knee pucks add width!), and the boots require a different motion to get under the shift lever, and I don't feel as precise. Even getting the sidestand down makes me feel like a short bus graduate.

    But this all goes away… right?

  2. I bought new boots at the weekend... and slowly getting used to them. So I'm sure it will get easier as the time goes on. Like you, went from a very relaxed touring boot to something a lot more stiffer and racey but with a lot more support in it.

    Dunno about the leathers but I'd assume the same :D
  3. When I changed from blundstones to actual bike boots I kept locking up the rear wheel in braking. Used to it now.
  4. Its like changing from Boxers to a G-string, you get used to it..
  5. what boots did you buy? they may take a bit to bed in at first.
  6. Went from these:


    to these:

  7. those new boots will take a bit to start flexing up.

    just walk around wearing them for a bit, squat down so they flex heaps and they should free up in a bit.

    you will get used to them pretty quick though.
  8. Sleep, eat, drink & sweat in them.

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  9. The other thing to think about when you buy new boots is adjusting the gear and rear brake levers to suit.
  10. Yeah, that just occurred to me on the way back from the market, I think I'l wait until these are broken in, and then I'll consider that.
  11. What abotu pee?
  12. Ew, gross. Dude.
  13. Listen, uh, don't look in yours.