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Growing up

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Im a member of many forums...
    In a year, at one forum, I accumulated 6000 posts. (I would have more but the forum was down for 2 months :().
    Went back there today and theres 1 thread out of 30 new ones that I glanced at... it was a thread called "sex" that i started myself (6 months ago) :LOL:

    Am I growing up? This other forum is mostly word games & chit chat. Its small community of people from every walk of life, that Ive "forumed with" since I was 14 or 15 and I know their online personas very well.

    Is it becuase Im no longer a student? Do I just value my time more now? am I just addicted to this forum instead?

    Is there something wrong with me or am I just growing up?

    Im too young for a mid life crisis!!!

  2. Judging by the comments we're hearing, there shouldn't be anything wrong with you!!! :) :) :)
  3. what do you mean by that?
  4. People go through cycles. Sometimes you might be a post whore, sometimes totally jaded of it, sometimes somewhere in between.

    Variety is the spice of life :)
  5. 6,000 posts in 10 months, wow, how'd ya do it, es? :LOL: :p
  6. It's only natural; you have different groups of friends for different stages of your life.

    There's an advantage here in that all of ... this ... is rooted in reality, and it all comes down to the love of the bikes. The club would be so much less without the rides, the bbq's and boozing, and even the damn coffee.


    Don't think about it so much, it's just how it works :)
  7. I used to be number 2 on the top ten poster list there :( the person above me had 23,000 posts (over 2 years) :(
    things will never be the same again *cries*

    I still like the people I just dont read their posts :LOL: its the subject matter... of no intrest to me anymore.
  8. Now you just love us more es .. :p
  9. See, you are growing up, and a good thing too. It would be pretty strange if people had the same interests with the same intensity when they were 30 that they had when they were 15!

    (Mind you I was a car nut then, and still am, except I've added bikes to the infatuation)
  10. Very very true....as I just turned 30 and looking back fondly on my misspent youth haha...you do go through stages where ya wanna be talking and hangin out with diff groups of mates... you can never have too many friends and just coz ya meet new ones doesnt mean ya gotta get rid of old ones...

    Life is about change - it would be boring if did the same things all the time, life is about trying new stuff and f**kin up royally...

    I just got into riding bikes bout 1.5yrs ago....best thing I ever did (apart from move to australia)...
  11. pfft I dont play favorites!

    kawasakis are the coolest bike eva lololol!!!111!onety one.

    (all moderator bribes are to be send to eswen @ fairfield. thankyou.)
  12. You just go through phases, one day in a few years time you will come back here and everything will have changed, people you don't know will have huge numbers of posts and people you did know will be gone.

    I hate growing up :(
  13. Its the student thing.

    no more 13 weeks of holidays, no more waking up and thinking 'I feel like beer, I will do nothing but drink beer at the beach today' followed by going to the beach to drink beer, no more lan parties on week nights. (although there is generally enough time at work for a few rounds of Q3a)

    Now it is just two stupid days a week in which you are epected to drive, ride, drink, sleep, eat, party, do all your washing, 6 days worth of dishes, walk the dog and speak to your parents, and 5 more days of sitting in one spot for 13 hours.

    Or you are just another netrider adict.