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Growing number of two-wheels not a fad

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. A Newspoll survey* has found 72 per cent of people in New South Wales believe motorcycles and scooters will become more popular in the future and a further 30 per cent would consider switching to a motorcycle or scooter to save on their petrol bill.

    The state-wide study, part of NSW Motorcycle Awareness Week (October 25 – November 2) also found that 7-in-10 people in NSW believe that motorcyclists should pay lower tolls than cars.

    Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman, Guy Stanford said,†People are serious about using scooters and motorcycles as their preferred choice of transport. National sales hit an all-time high of 129,966 last year and in this state alone, there’s 6,200 scooter on the road.

    “Switching from a family sedan to a scooter for daily activities would reduce the petrol bill by about a third, so it’s no coincidence that the petrol hike and traffic congestion in Sydney have increased demand for two-wheels,†Guy said.

    Measures to encourage the growing numbers of motorcyclists are arriving, albeit slowly. The City of Sydney recently released a Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan which is expected to start a 12-month trial by year’s end.

    The plan introduces a range of measures such as free parking in metered areas, charge points for electric motorcycles and advocacy for lowered road tolls.

    "If the Government is serious about reducing greenhouse emissions then encourage motorcycle and scooter usage through lowering road tolls."
    "Motorcyclists are happy to pay a toll as long as the price is fair," Mr Stanford said. “A car driver does not pay the truck rate for tollsâ€.
    From a safety perspective, in the past five years motorcycle casualties have only increased by around 3 per cent while motorcycle registrations have grown by over 30% in twelve months.
    Former Olympic Swimmer and motorcycle enthusiast, Kieren Perkins an ambassador of Motorcycle Awareness Week added,†Look in your blind spots for us and remember that we’re all sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers out there.â€

    Motorcycle Awareness Week aims to raise the awareness of the benefits of motorcycle use, as a fun, fuel-efficient and convenient way to travel, along with encouraging other road-users to keep an eye out for motorcycles and scooters.

    On Sunday, October 26 The NSW Motorcycle Council will host their annual Breakfast Talk at Loftus Oval, Loftus. Between 8am – 11am riders can receive a free breakfast with riding demonstrations and a safety gear fashion parade.
    * This Newspoll study was conducted by telephone in October 2008 among a representative sample of n=333 adults aged 18+ in NSW.

    For news grabs or interviews with Guy Stanford or Kieren Perkins, please call
    Cameron Donovan, Espresso Communications on 0408 662 007
  2. In my country the motorcycles are the problem, not the solution to the traffic problems

    Q paradoja!!

  3. Best you keep comments like that in your country. :p
    In THIS country the cars are the problem.
  4. In Russia, motorcycle rides you, apparently.
  5. Does this mean we will no longer be seen as leather doning bad boys, but tree hugging earth warriors?

    I hope not!!! :twisted:
  6. I´m in the side of motorcycles for sure...Maybe you didn´t understand me