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Group Rides - bigger buzz?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. in nearly 3 months of motorbike ownership, i have done about 10 rides in varoius places in the hills. everyone except 1 (previous thread 'pack up and go home') was thoroughly enjoyable.

    yesterday was my first group ride. 15 - 20 bikes. most of them modified (i was way out of my element, but they allowed for that).

    beuatiful adelaide hills, riding with the rumble of the hot bikes all in formation, and i was part of it. i was in heaven. it was like i was in a movie of some sort.

    what is it about a group ride, that makes it so much MORE entertaining and satisfying, that just a solo run.

    i am still reeling from the experience even now!

  2. This is what I wanted to post!

    Seriously though,

    You're excited because it's something new you've never done. Also, remember you first ride on the roads when you got your L's, surely that was exciting too!

    Soon, you'll find group rides boring as all fk and full of tossers and prefer to go out with 1 or 2 mates instead. :)
  3. Yep, maybe not for everyone but going with a couple of mates who know how each other rides is better than a big group with unpredictables in the mix. Nothing beats touring in a small group, everybody doing their own thing and meeting at the next pub :D
  4. I much prefer going with about 3 or so mates. I have been on numerous group rides where certain people try to be heroes and push themselves a little too hard - not only endangering themselves but the others around them - most importantly me. I have been half way to a destination with a large group and have just pulled over and gone me separete way cause people were doing some crazy shit around me.
    Conversely,I have also been on some unbelievable group rides with people and it was an amazing experience. I just now prefer to go with a few mates as we all know each others riding style and limits.
  5. Team lone wolf is where its at.
  6. yesterdays ride was one of the good ones. no-one was being a hero, and everyone was on the same page in regards to the poin t to the ride. was an awesome day for it too!
  7. Depends on the group and mood. On my clubs monthly rides I'm generally the lead rider, mainly because I know most of good roads in the area and so the chances of me getting lost are pretty slim. Sometimes I thoroughly enjoy the day, other times I will actually cut the ride a bit short just to get it over and done with, then go for a ride by myself.

    Some groups/clubs I've ridden with have such a regimented way of doing things that it tends to take the fun out of it. I can understand the need for such organisation when there's more than 20 bikes in a group, but if there's only 10 give me a break.

    Other groups are so relaxed it's more like 10 individuals going in the same general direction than a group ride, I actually prefer this to the full on military precision that some groups ride with.
  8. Group rides can be good or bad. It depends on the personalities involved and the reason for the ride. Sounds like you got a good bunch, and that makes all the difference. :))

    If you can get with a bunch that generally matches your style and skills, then it's a brilliant experience.

    I've done many different types of group rides, and there are any dickheads doing dangerous crap around me, next stop...I'll be in their face. But my tolerance level is high and riders need to be free to have play. :)

    You've got to be tolerant

  9. this sums up the topic for me, riding close (noise to tail) with a small group maybe 4-6max. of people i know and trust, it's a magically feeling and to be in the group as each brakes, tips in on the same line and then picks up the throttles on the way out almost as one, nothing beats it (y)
  10. On group rides you have the good, the bad and the ugly but overall yes it is a bigger buzz then riding solo.
  11. we travelled about 10kms to get out of the fringe of the suburb, and up into the hills. then there was one guy who flagged us tailenders down. we had to do a very sharp 120deg left, on a road i ever knew existed.

    there was the whole group, waiting there. a 'slot car track' type of road into the hills with all the scenery, views, smells etc, and a perfect blue sky day. everyone was pumped as we had weeks of crap weather prior to yesterday.

    that vision and sound when we all took off just blew my mind. MAGIC is the only way to describe it.
  12. Solo. Riding isn't for me either. I like the mateship of a 6-8 bike group of similar ability.
    The bigger groups are more of a social event to my mind. Also good but for different reasons.

  13. Done heaps of both over the years and there's no doubt at all that riding solo is the best, for so many reasons.
  14. I've done group rides and felt fairly uncomfortable on them - mainly because I'm not as fast or confident as the other riders and was always last in the group. Found it frustrating as I felt like I was slowing everyone down......

    Personally I have a couple of mates I am very comfortable riding with. I'm still the slowest but don't feel the pressure from them. It's just fun to get out with them and ride.

    I do solo rides as well - mainly when I'm just exploring..."where does this road go to" kind of riding. Love it :)
  15. I don't look at riding in groups as better or worse than riding alone, just different.

    Riding in a group can be good, the commradeship etc plus the opportunity to learn of each other and if it's a regular group then it's really, dare I say, race time (in a safe and conservative way of coarse). Riding in a group can be really annoying though if there is a huge difference in riding abilities and tastes.

    Riding alone can be good because you can litterally ride your own ride. If you want to stop, you stop, if you want to take a different road you can. The biggest downside to riding on your own, is that if you have an incident there is no one there to help, however, that also means there's no one there to laugh at you either.

    In the club I ride with, we try to cater for all levels of skill and taste. It can be hard, but if the group you're riding with makes you feel that way, then maybe you should find another group. I've seen it before where sure the quick riders would stop for the slower riders, but wouldn't actually give them a chance to have a break. Depending on the ride and who is on it we try to give EVERYONE at least 5 minutes off the bike every 70-100km. This might mean that the faster riders might get 10 or 15 minutes break, but who cares, it gives them more chance to bullshit to each other. I find that even doing this you can do 350 to 400km in a day without being rushed.

    Oh, and it's just as frustrating being a faster rider in a slower group. I went for a ride with a club that caters for older riders earlier this year and while they maintained a reasonable pace in a straight line I found their lack of pace through corners very frustrating. Not too mention the lack of consistancy in their 'ride rules'.
  16. Big groups are great for cop fodder...

    Hey Kish, potato ride... :LOL: Thanks buddy (y)

  17. We passed an on-coming police car on the way to yea, many of us doing 120 +

    I'm guessing he just though "too hard" and kept going.
  18. i prefer solo or one or two others with me.
  19. Let me know when you're up for one :D
  20. in a few weeks :)