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Group Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Christi, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    just opening up a Ride date for the Sunday 28th November Dan76 has kindly offered to be leader in this ride. its through Tomewin and have been told that there are some hinterland Twisties..
    meet at Nerang Caltex at 7.30am for a Strict Leave at 8am.

    Meeting at Morningside Caltex at 6.30 to leave at latest 6.45am
    for those that are on the northside if intrested otherwise meet at nerang.
    For those that are comming on the ride let myself or Dan76 know and update emergency contact details and bike Detials if Neccessary

    map of where to meet at bp nerang

    Confirmed :

  2. I'll totally be there in spirit... but in reality I'll be in Perth that week

    Theres another listed for a week before that too, its good to see the QLD events planner a bit busier than usual.
  3. I'm interested in going, will try and confirm next week.
  4. tentative yes, again
  5. I might be able to make this one :p
  6. yes its good to see that there are some more opening up. yes it was brought to my attention only after i posted this one...well dan i havent the foggiest where were going and most likely if i follow my nose wed end up somewhere.... and wouldnt remember how to get there again :D
  7. yeah i should be good for this ride as well :)
  8. i'd love to tag along but in i'm running short on kidneys to sell on the black market to fund a babysitter.
    But if we can organize somethin between xmas-NYE i'll definitely be in for that
  9. well we can always sell someone else's kidneys.. :biker:
  10. Tentative yes. Reckon you could post some google maps of the meet points?

    And if you really feel like it, a map of the potential route to interest people? :D
  11. hey Rougue01. will get something up. and will need to get the route off dan76
  12. dammit, work chrissy trip is on that weekend, have fun guys
  13. Better to meet here > Caltex Nerang as there is plenty of parking.

    Christie can you please add that link to your first post.

    No need for a map guys and girls :p

    Ride will be around 200kms or so.

    Longest distance between fuel stops is about 140kms.

    Will stop for a feed somewhere, just don't know where yet! 8-[

    Will be a fun twisty ride! :demon:
  14. thanks dan, got it posted up now yes i cant wait to go on this Ride too!! :biker:
  15. If only I had my R's!

    ...and providing you guys would have me along that is! ;)
  16. upOn2 if you have a bike and have a valid licence your welcome to come along for the ride
  17. don't need your unrestricted dude, last weekend myself and another guy were on 250's, though he was closer to the front of the pack than i was, and another rider had been on the road for only a few weeks.
  18. There are alot of 250 riders that have been on our rides it never has been about speed , I do belive how ever his signature, means he is on 1 point and has to be have.
  19. Thanks Christi,

    Sucks to be me right now! :(
  20. hehe me captain slow :popcorn: