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Group ride etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dark Angel, Sep 14, 2013.

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    I haven't been on many group rides and the few I have I always just go with the flow and try to look out for everyone around me, but I had a conversation with a guy yesterday that raised some questions.

    If the lead rider is going slower that you would like is it ok to pass them and take off on your own to the nominated destination via your own route without telling anyone before hand?
    Is this better than being the guy riding "sweep" or "tail end charlie" deciding to bugger off on their own or worse? Is it the same as just peeling off from the group without notice because you want to travel a different route?

    Are these things considered "ok", or "dick moves" and likely to make a guy unwelcome on future rides?
  2. It is a courtesy to let the ride leader and / or TEC if you are bunking off.
    At least they know not to worry about you and go looking for you.
    Put yourself in their boots.

    If you pass the ride leader you have effectively left the ride. The ride leader also has the option of changing the destination so you might end up on your Pat Malone in bum fcuk Idaho waiting for a group that is not longer on its way.

    Most long rides have stops during them so ample time to let folks know your intentions.

    Of course there is no official rule book for group rides but just think what the actions of a reasonable person would be and do that.
  3. We normally work out our destination and what route we are taking before we leave. When we set off its every man for himself. Go as fast or as slow as we like. We generally stay close ish to each other during the ride. It really depends on each ride. I have one friend who we always invite along as he's our "radar detector" as he hammers all the time and flushes the cops out for us. I ride the old PAC hwy alot with some really top riders on high end sports bikes and they take off and usually wait for me along the way as I've only just got my blacks and have a 1000 cc bike and I'm not stupid enough to try and keep up with them.
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  4. Partly depends on the kind of ride and the 'set of expectations'. But often a ride is at least partly about being there in case someone comes unstuck. If you're part of a ride then piss off without telling anyone, you're likely to worry people who are watching for you. And, of course, if you do have a lose after choosing a different route, you've thrown away the support system.

    In etiquette terms, though, I think just letting someone know is pretty easy to do and a lot more considerate.
  5. The guy I was talking to had a gripe about being told not to pass the lead rider. More than a gripe, he had very little nice to say about the group over the incident, citing "politics". I've ridden with this group three or four times now and aside from EVERYONE being asked to be considerate of other riders and keep an eye out for each other I haven't seen or heard anything that could remotely be considered "politics".
  6. Some group rides are just that, everyone on each others tail playing follow the leader. If you're on one of these then don't pass the leader. But avoid these like the plague.
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  7. Usually before a group ride there's a briefing. Raise any questions that you have atthis time so you know the ground rules regarding passing, speed, check points, etc. Group rides are run differently depending if they are group learner rides, all mate, advanced group rides, etc.

    Letting someone know you are leaving the ride is just common courtesy. A good idea to do so, so that no one worries about you.
  8. let him go ahead then take a different route. you don't want to ride with people like that anyway.
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  9. While that idea is tempting, it kind of goes against my nature to abandon someone quite so easily. Might slap his kill-switch at the lights though.
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  10. What he said, different rides for different groups, what happens between a group of mates on a ride and a ride with a wide range of skills is different. If you decide you don't like the ride then tell the ride leader or TEC and go your own way.

    Regarding passing the leader I take that as you have left the group and may rejoin but from that time you are not in the group. Some ride leaders don't like that and will make it plain at the start of the ride.
  11. If I overtake the leader it is usually in the good bits and I know where we are going.

    For example, is mr fancy pants leader going to get upset if I overtake on EJ road which is 60kays of twisty greatness? I hardly see a reason to get upset about that.

    I try to be more or less independent on any ride. Everyone is out to enjoy themselves, not to look after me.

    How do you people do solo riding? No one to follow.. No TEC.. OMG!

    Do you have a backup crew like the boys from Long way down?

    I understand why a leader is necessary on a LEARNER ride but it isn't an absolute must in an experienced group.
  12. You're gunna love the Adelaide trip then:sneaky: :riding:

  13. Before I can overtake, don't I have to at least keep up with you?

    So that rules out overtaking.. hehehe

    I'm all about wiping off 5 these days.. I've changed, man. :cautious:

    Looking forward to Adelaide!
  14. Hey guys , while you're talking Adelaide , just curious how long it's been since any of you have been here and/or has anybody from SA filled you in on the Hills . Not trying to be a downer or put you guys off coming , and god knows I'm no goody goody saint , but do you realize that nearly all the good riding roads are posted at 80kph (some 70 , some down to 60 ) . Just in case you weren't aware .
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  15. It's that way across more and more of the country I'm afraid, not just SA.
  16. Sad but true , just didn't want the guys coming over to travel all that way and end up being disappointed when they get here - forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes .
  17. A little communication goes along way.
    Just inform the group what your plans are and everything will be cool.
  18. If a person wishes to take of without communicating this to the ride leader it is very disrespectful. If they are unhappy with the ride structure they should excuse themselves from the ride as it is NOT their ride.

    People that used to organise rides in the past are reluctant to do so now.
  19. Could you send him down to Melbourne please :woot:
  20. Don't worry guys, there's still plenty of good rides around here. If you're heading to Strath, Old Bull Creek Rd and Paris Creek are just a couple that come to mind. on the way to Strath via Meadows. Week days are best as they probably are in your part of the world.
    There's a really cool little bike friendly pub with good tucker at Ashbourne as well.
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