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Group purchase Draggin jeans/Riders Discount

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Fitty, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at buying some gear in the very near future and if anyone else is in the same boat, a group buy can end up making it cheaper for us all. I would prefer it if I'm dealing with people in Melbourne, but those from interstate are welcome too.

    The online stores I'll be getting gear from are all in the US, so prices are much better than what we can get here. Below are links to the US sites (and their Australian counterparts, if available). I'll also include the savings I'll be making compared to Peter Stevens retail prices (not including shipping). Use this converter to figure out USD/AUD conversions.

    Draggin' Jeans US store vs. Draggin' jeans Australian store. I'll be saving AUD$95 on a pair of Draggin' Classic jeans.
    Riders Discount. I'll be saving over AUD$250 on a pair of A* boots from PS retail prices.
    Bimoto. Depending on which jacket I decide to buy, I'll be saving up to AUD$240.

    So, let me know if you're interested by posting;

    a) your location;
    b) items you're interested in; and
    c) what date you are prepared to buy on.

    I realise there's an issue of trust with financial transactions done online, so I'm more than happy to meet in person or communicate over the phone with people to sort out a situation with which you feel comfortable.
  2. Why not ring Draggins here in Port Melbourne and speak to Fiona.
    Ask her for a group buy discount. Aside from wasting $0.30c on a phone call, what have you got to loose?
  3. Cheers, I'll give her a call. If people are interested in Draggins, let me know - obviously, I'll be able to get a better deal if more people are interested.
  4. Oh really?
  5. What am I missing?
  6. yep - i need another pair of jeans. Let me know how this works...

  7. I'd rather buy in Australia than prop up the crumbling American economy and I'd rather support the bike shops who pay out huge amounts in overheads to be there for me when I need them. Internet shops run fom someone's spare room do nothing to keep the industry alive & healthy. By the way has anyone heard from B Components lately?

  8. Who?? :p
  9. Thankyou, it's people like you that make me go a little bit further and offer Netrider discounts.
  10. And the discounts that the J to the O offers are pretty decent too!!

    Now about that helemt Johnny! lol
  11. I don't know why you bother, though, Johnny; for most people you're just a fitting room for eBay :(.
  12. +1
    Fiona is GREAT, She goes out of her way to help.
    re: USA buy, I'd be weary about buying jeans I can't try on. Not to mention their sizing is a little different there.
  13. If you can get me a set of fat bastard with short legs custom ordered draggin jeans ordered in (are custom orders still possible these days?) then I'll wander down and buy a pair from you Johnny O.

    I need a pair of boots too (touring style) and I do need a new pair of summer gloves too.

    One question though... where's your shop? (I'm assuming you've got one from the way you were talking).
  14. Y****a C**y

    Eliza***h ** Mel*****e across the road from Melbourne central
  15. i'm after some draggin jeans...let me know if this goes ahead :)
  16. buy a vowel?
  17. I know where you can buy Draggin Traffic's for $198 ;-) , in Stevo's they are $236 !
  18. Stevo's are cheaper then anywhere then ! :LOL:

    TYPO :?:
  19. if theres something organised before wednesday 28 Aug thewn im ingterested otherwise im buying at bikemarts sale. 15% off is hard to beat.

    im interested in draggin 3/4 zip offs and normal camos.
  20. Hmmmm, thanks Jase :oops: he he