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Group/Organised rides - good, bad, crashes, etc.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nev.., Apr 2, 2006.

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    I wonder what a non-riders who read netrider would think.. with almost 1 accident per organised weekend ride, pretty much daily "I had my first crash today" postings and recently, 3 bikes crashing on the same corner one after the other on an organised ride...

    I wish these riders would ride properly.
  2. Gee Nev,
    It's funny how when there are a couple of THOUSAND people visiting a forum the likelihood of people crashing increases rather that the person who rides with the same 4 mates who knows of only 1 of them crashing....
    The last organized ride had a person KNOCKED OFF their bike by a car driver approx 800m into the ride....sheer bad luck, I guess she should have forseen the car merging into her when the driver was at fault.

    How many Ausmotian have crashed in the last 6 months? So should THEY have ridden properly too?? :shock: :?
  3. i have to agree with you to an extend regarding organised rides, it really does seem as if 70% (more??) of group rides end up having an off :?

    after saturday's ride i was waiting for the crash report to come in and sadly it did. considering the number of solo kilometers we must all be racking up generally without incident group rides seem to increase the chance of a rider going down by 40,000%.

    whether it's rider error, road or traffic conditions that cause the off, the crash statistics for group rides compared to solo riding seem very sobering.
  4. To Nev and Slyfox, you weren't there so pull your bloody heads in, and get a life .... :mad:

    This had nothing at all to do with a bloody group ride, Nola was hit by a driver who didn't look where he/she was going, in other words......DRIVER ERROR...... how in the hell you can attribute this incident to group ride stats is beyond me.

    The ride was well planned, the pre ride brief was bloody excellent, leader rider, corner marker and tail ender all did great work, it was a bloody goods days ride at a controlled pace to allow for the level of riders involved, and in conditions that not everybody had experience in.

    To everbody else, if your contemplating going on a group ride, don't let these doom and gloom merchants put you off, be honest with yourself and choose the rides that suit your level of expertise.

    I've only done 3 group rides with Netrider, but i've enjoyed them all.....
  5. Yep lets blame the poor woman, who can't defend herself. :roll:

    BUT i will say this, maybe she could have moved ONLY if the car hit her with the back 1/4 of the car. If she was checking out traffic she MAY have seen her come over. (i'd still blame the car thou)
    All aside, driver error for not looking, and a motorcyclists gets the blame. :evil:
    Did the lady in the car get charged with anything?

    Rest up and hope to see you on the road soon.

  6. nev, slyfox, what on earth are 2 doing riding a bike at all? Obviously you are waiting for "your turn". You both must have a death wish.

    nev, with regard to Nola being hit by a car, all riders on this ride were riding properly. Following this incident, the ride continued, in conditions that would have challenged most level of riders and did so without incident of any type or kind. It was a successful ride. Nola's incident was simply wrong place wrong time. I certainly hope you have NEVER made a mistake on the bike ? On Saturday, Nola, nor anyone else, did make a mistake. Your comments are not constructive, not helpful and are not appreciated.

    slyfox, if you ever ride with a mate, or any 1 other person you will have created a group of 2 people, and you reckon that will increase your chance of an accident by 40,000% ? Please ensure you never ride with anyone, ever.

    Every single person on that ride, rode within the conditions, within their abilities and within their experience, exactly as it was intended and should have been.
  7. I just made a general observation in response to a comment about "cagers" by yellow eagle. All you "bikers" seem to jump to the defensive very quickly.
  8. I'm sorry, I disagree with you.. 70% of rides I have been on that were organized did not involve an off

    Again, I disagree with you, considering at one stage on my 250 ZZR I did 25000 kms MOSTLY on group rides and again..never came off.

    Feel free to post your statistics, I would be terribly interested..considering I work in an emergency department where most of the motorcycle accidents I see involve a solo motorcyclist v's car..
  9. What are you agreeing with? I didn't express any opinion about organised rides...
  10. Nev, "all you riders" would include you I presume. Interesting comment from previous post "I wish these riders would ride properly", seems you get around or have the ability to understand each accident and the circumstances without actually being there, I agree with the others, why introduce rider error when in the circumstances of the recent accident was clearly 100% cage fault.
  11. Yes, to the same extent that Yelloweagle understands each "cager" accident and it's circumstances.
  12. <snip>

    Did you not read where i said MAY and then i retracted it when someone said the car moved with no indication. Obviously not. :?

    Actually I did - after I posted my original explodo-post (tm). I followed up with a msg referring to your 'original post'

    So apologies to you for including you explicitly in my original rant.

    However the general statement of suggesting people not offer opinions until they have some facts to base them on still stands.
  13. that may well be true, and i do have a tendency to exaggerate a bureau of statistics statistician i would not make.

    that is an excellent record, but since below you talk of statistics you should be aware that one person isn't a trend or basis for an argument.

    wellll i've worked for a number of years in A&E and TAC rehab and you don't have to work there to know that as 99% of riding is done solo a high percentage of crashes will result from solo riding.

    i understand there is emotion behind this issue, but give me a break, i said quite clearly rider error is not always to blame, simply that group rides seem to attract an unfortunate number of crashes.

    ummm? it's pretty clear from the above statement you did.

    i'm not trying to stir shit, i'm not trying to place blame, i'm saying group rides result in a higher number of offs than solo riding, if you want to argee that point fine, perhaps in another more appropriate thread.
  14. Well Nev, after that smug little gem of a comment, and when your turn comes along (and it always does), I will be able to say without hesitation, "I wish these riders would ride properly"....(cheesus!)
  15. Enough said.
  16. That's a pretty baseless statement Slyfox...Yes, there have been some group ride offs reported here, but don't mistake an the overall impression you might have as an etched in granite statistic...
    I suspect that solo rider off's probably are'nt reported as often as group ride offs.
  17. My brother works for the TAC and does all the statistics....hmm maybe I should get some and post them up.
  18. Hey that would be some really interesting info!
  19. But who would trust a blond elf in a suspect green outfit?? :grin:
  20. i agree i am basing my opinion on a small number of rides, under 100 probably. i hope i can be proved wrong by incident free group rides in the future.. particularly the ones i'm on :grin: