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Group Hug Always Cheers Me Up

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. http://grouphug.us/

    When ever I feel down or weird I always go to this site and I am always cheered up :D

  2. You know what... there's some really messed up stuff on there. :shock:
  3. I always wonder if those online confessions are anything like what a priest would hear :?:
  4. I used to have to make up sins in class in order to have something to say when we got to confession. If we didn't have something prepared at 9:30 we were hit across the knuckles with a steel ruler (side on). Sure that sounds harsh, but as 9- yr olds we should be able to remember our sins by now! :roll: God knows if the number of koalas died that I stated though my actions (that may or may not have actually occured) they'd be extinct already.

    Point of story is, Priests have heard just about everything. Like me, they've read the bible end to end. However like the bible, not everything you hear is true so without evidence why bother believing it. Most of it would be smart arses having some fun.
  5. Most of that stuff is too sick or too stupid to be made up. What chance does America have if that's what its kids are like??? (Shudder)
  6. Hmm Kvetch gone wrong
  7. As a minister I have to say that I havent read the bible end to end. And I would also have to say that I dont believe everything in it. No honest Christian could say that, cos its not possible to do so. Those who say they do are not being honest at all.
    Its unfortunate that the whole confession thing was done like that with you, cos its not about trying to get people to admit they are flawed and evil, its actually supposed to be about reconcilliation, about getting stuff off your chest and moving on without the burden of guilt and all that. I guess that, in a way, is the point of the group hug site, to allow people to say what is on their minds in a safe and non-judgemental way, which is also the point of the confession/reconcilliation rite. Or at least it should be.
    The Bible as smart arses having fun? I cant believe that, but I think that people who do read it need to keep a sense of perspective and have a good idea of what the times were like when it was being written and such, bbecause understanding anything is contextual.
    sorry to hijack the thread, and please dont take this as trying to convert, cos I aint. Just putting an opinion or two.
    Remember that most of us ministers are fallible humans too.
    :D Rev Ken
  8. Hey Ken,
    I occasionally get on my high horse about christian insanity, but if everyone who believed in god had such a sensible and realistic view of religion I'd have nothing to say.

    Great to see from a reverend.

  9. I'm all for group hugs as long as long as there are no males involved !
  10. You miss understood mate. the website might be largely smartarses having some fun, not the bible. That said, I agree that any serious contributions would potentially be of great benefit to the poster.

    I think we otherwise were saying the same thing. My story wan't meant to be critical. I was just pointing out for enforcer that (as you would know) priests hear all sorts of things in real life. Online confessions would be no shock to them. :D
  11. Its ok mate, I didnt take offence at all, and yeah, I misunderstood too. Its an interesting idea that website, but without some sort of feedback/counselling thing, it doesnt do the job properly. Its sad that they used to beat confession out of you, makes me pretty bloody angry really, the amount of harm done in the name of one's faith, in many different religions. Often the religion is warped to justify ones own bigotries, obsessions and perversions. I guess the trick is to remember that it is not the deity who is at fault, rather it is the "followers". We aint perfect, no matter how many robes and collars we wear.
    Hang on, Im rambling again. time to take my tablets . . . . . . . . . :D

    Actually, the confession about the dead mexicans rocked me a bit, especially in that the guy blamed the mexicans. If that is true, then :(
    repsonsibility taking is an integral part of the confession/reconcilliation process.
  12. I wouldn't say confessions were beaten out of us. It was considerabley less extreme than that. We would easily make up a stoy to tell. Then next month we'd be fine because we could say we'd told a lie. :) There's ne need to apologise on behalf of one crazy old nun. I certainly don't hold anything against religion for it. I wouldn't have mentioed it except to explain why I would lie in confession.

    I agree. To do the job properly, the website would need to provide some sort of counseling, but I think the reason people use it is because it doesn't. People like to get things of their chest for its own sake sometimes. They might not want advice or forgivness, and only want to express themselves. It could also be used as a practice run before getting help if they want it. :)
  13. Don't you two know that apparantly we're all sinners...so drink up and get laid while you're still alive...worry about the after life later 8)
  14. I got all excited there for a sec, til I re-read the thread title. It says GROUP Hug.....
  15. I don't worry about the afterlife. All I know is, that if I'm bad enough, I get to hang out with all the cool people. :LOL:
  16. How does this stuff cheer anyone up?!! I find it depressing more than anything :roll:

    hehehe... that sounds a little like my "quote" :D

    I'm gonna be one of those firefly things, that glow in the dark, in my next life :LOL: - they're so cool...
    (hehehe... I'm so pastey white that I almost glow in the dark anyway!!)

    Or maybe I'll be a cherry... decisions, decisions...

  18. How's this, then??

    As a motorcycle mechanic I have to say that I havent read the workshop manual end to end. And I would also have to say that I dont believe everything in it. No honest mechanic could say that, cos its not possible to do so. Those who say they do are not being honest at all.

    Am I being too obstuse, or do you get my message, rev sir?
  19. I have to admit hornet, you are being a little criptic and I do not understand what you are saying. :? Your point could be a) don't believe everything you haven't read, b) don't believe everything you do read, c) don't believe anything just because someone says it's tue, d) don't read something just because someone says you should. All are true and I agree.

    If you're questioning whether I have in fact read the whole bible (no offence taken if it was. it's a reasonable point to make), I can say that as a good catholic athiest, I have as it was part of being taught by a fundamentalist nun who felt the bible was far more important to my education than any of the KLA's. What scares me is that I have met people who have read all or parts of it and take it as being entirely fact. That attitude has started more wars than any other "reason" which I guess is in part why I agree with points a,b,c, and d.

    OT, I was thrilled to see during teaching rounds at a country catholic school that the attitude taken now is worlds away from my primary school experience. :D