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[Group Buy?] Shoei tinted visors...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grunge, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Just what the topic says.. I want to look for a tinted visor for my shoei XR1000....

    Where's the cheapest place? And how much are they? I've seen them for most places for $65....

    Thanks for all your help! :]
  2. Dealers make very little margin from these kinds of items. You may get it a little cheaper from the US but in all likelihood once you add shipping it will be about the same.
  3. If you find anywere much cheaper than $65.00 let me know as i couldnt :grin:
  4. As a Netrider member, you are entitled to 10% off in certain bike shops. Straight away that means you could pick it up for $58.50 with the discount. Is the $65 including the discount?
  5. I'm in the market for a tinted visor for XR1000 too.
    Did I hear you say group buy?
  6. Yeah. But getting it it from the US make it unroadworthy here.
    Unless you're willing to risk the chance of a cranky cop stopping you and grilling you for not having the AS stickers on it.... :(
  7. Group Buy?!?! Good point.. GROUP BUY!!!!!!!

    We'll see if we can get it for $50 or something (if we're lucky), but we'd need like at least 20 people... I actuallly doubt that we can get that many people in.

    But just in case I'll start a group buy list:


    anybody else interested? there's 2/10!
  8. Every tinted visor I have had has never been 'roadworthy' They always state on them "For racing only" and none have had AS stickers. And this is tinted visors purchased from different bike shops (In Melbourne)
  9. Undii, really?

    hmm.. maybe there's something I'm not factoring in.. if that's the case it'llbe easier to get it from overseas in bulk.... maybe...
  10. Bulk buy(20 people) to save $8??????? :shock:

    Correct me if i'm wrong but only clear visors have the AS sticker on them?
  11. Mine say 'For daytime use only'. Not that that seems to bother some Netriders I know :grin:
  12. your all a bunch of tight gits, some places struggle to keep margin and close product lines off due to internet prices and US importing.
    For the sake of $8 support your local bike shops for f**ks sake.
  13. It's a open market. If they can't handle the heat they should get out of the proverbial kitchen.
    There's some things I'll only buy from a shop, or atleast check in a shop first for sizing. But when I can get something from overseas for 30% less or more, you'd be crazy not to take it.
    Screw the local guy.
  14. Ive never seen a tinted visor with AS sticker on it.
    They probably dont pass anyway due to being unusable at night.

    Dont think its required by law, just the main helmet sticker.

    I think you can be fined for using a tinted visor at night (night would be the official sunset time for that date).

    Ive heard that in England and some other places tinted visors are banned completly for road use?
    Which would be why they say for racing only.
  15. Yeah its an open market, and yes 30% is alot. Im in retail in high end pro-audio and I have already seen alot of oz local companies fold because of cheaper imports cos none of the shit is made in Oz and the competition is all overseas.
    So yeah fcuk the local ozzies trying to make a living, give your hard earned cash to the yanks......fcuk you local community.....good onya .

    Im not australian but from your "screw the locals"attitude Im probably glad. I wouldnt want you screwing me. :p
  16. Guys,

    Can we peace out for minute.

    I was only looking at the possibility.
    I personally prefer to get it in store here because if the warranty and such.

    Stookie, I see your point but I don't agree that I must absolutely buy locally, especially if the service isn't good, and I get left treated like $#^t.
    Unfortunately for me, it happens often (70% of the time) in trying to buy locally, heck they even try to BS me with stuff that I know about just to make the sale. Or treat me nothing. I'm not saying that's how YOU are, I'm just saying my conscious choice to chose say, another provider against an Australian one has more to do then "let's screw over Aussie providers."

    Just felt the need to say that.. in any case, anyone else for a bulk buy? :p
  17. The money is going to the Japs part manufacturers anyway. What does it matter if the local dealer loses his 10% mark up. He shouldn't be relying on spare parts for his profit.
    With regard to hifi equipment it's no wonder. Most aussie stuff is garbage. The only brands I've ever been impressed with are Richter and Aaron.
  18. I agree with you both, in that local or independent businesses should be supported even if it means a slightly higher price, but only if you get that personal touch that sets them apart from the more annonymous retail chains. I dont think smaller businesses should be supported simply because they are smaller. You get what you pay for. If an independent retailer is as faceless as its larger competitor, then people will fall back on the cheaper option. I would happily pay a few extra bucks to develop a raport with a bike shop owner, and have them look out for you if you see what I mean. Anyway, I have an XR1000, but my Ugly Fish sunnies do the job nicely.
  19. 10% markup? I think most retail shops mark up 50% to 1000% Amazing how to see a $800 jacket on sale for $300, the shop stilll wouldn't be putting stock out for a loss. Unless the 10% was directed at visors only?
  20. So where is exactly is the local dealer supposed to make his money to pay his staff wages, rent, and other associated overheads with running a shop?

    Too many people on this forum expect everything for nothing and don't give a rats if they screw the local dealers out of business. Next you will be crying because you have nowhere to try on and view products before you buy them. :roll: