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Group buy on a SMH10 dual pack?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pugsly, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.a...h-intercom-with-universal-microphone-kit.html

    Half a dual is cheaper than just a single. I'm keen to get one before heading out on longer rides, especially after being chewed out by the other half for being incommunicado.

    Looking for someone to go halves with in Melbourne, someone who goes to sat practice - even better!
  2. I could be, but I'm a half-time Melbourne resident atm. Fly in mon - fly out thu. How much of a problem is that? I'm based around Fitzroy.

    one question I cant seem to find an answer for... does the dual pack provide 2 charger cables?
  3. It's a USB cable used to charge. Should be many that fit but:

    5% commission on sale to me for that.
  4. Yes.
  5. Hmm, may be interested but I had intended to go for the SMH10R. If only that came in a dual pack.
  6. I'm also interested Pugsly, let me knw how you go... there is a few before me, maybe we can make up a few twin packs.....
  7. Shouldn't be a problem. If there's enough interest we might see if a group buy is in order.

    If there's enough interest, maybe we can do a group buy. Not sure how many we'd need to buy before getting a discount.

    So far there's:
    and one other. So we're good for two dual packs...
  8. Also interested!
  9. I might be, whats the price?

  10. I'm guessing around $349 ;)
  11. So the kit I'm looking at is the one with the universal microphone. Without looking too hard yet, the price for the dual kit is $349 from an Australian retailer, so $174.50 each (shipping is included in price).

    I'll start hunting for better prices and see what I can come up with.
  12. I did some poking about. Buying overseas isn't as good a deal with these as it is with other items. Cheapest I could find was $280 with Amazon, and that was before postage/freight forwarding. I've not used a freight forwarding service, so I've no idea of the cost there. Just know that it gets more complicated.

    I exchanged some PMs with @Motorcycleracegear and if we order 5 dual packs, we can get them for $340 ($170 each). (and quicker than ordering from OS)

    So, can I get a firm yes/no if you're interested?
  13. I'm a yes.... as long as someone will help me set it up... :whistle:
  14. let me know which model you're looking at, at work cant bounce to 'linked' sites :(
  15. It's the one with the universal microphone. I believe it can talk with 3 other riders for a total of 4. Model is SMH10D-11.

    I'll help ya. In fact, what would be ideal is for me to drop them off to Saturday practice and we'll have a big install session. :)
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  16. I might actually look at the Cardo Scala Rider G9. It's a bit more expensive, but IMO it has better stats.
  17. I MIGHT be a yes, but I have to wait and see what happens because I put one on my birthday list so I won't know until the weekend. If there's not one there, I'm VERY interested.
  18. This Saturday?

    Yeah, I'm big on impulse purchases!
  19. I'm a definite yes.
  20. The Sena IMO has a far better interface: one big knob to twist and push; compared to Scala's cluster of buttons. Also, Scala owners seem to post more scathing reviews about pairing and reliability.

    I have used a freight forwarding service, but to determine what it would cost I'd need to know the packed weight and dimensions of the goods. Does anyone have this?

    If $Amazon + ($Freight / units) < $Local then I'd be happy to arrange the forwarding.

    Either amazon or local, I'm in for one Sena. Perhaps two.