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QLD Grounds to contest a speeding fine?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Squeeby, May 10, 2009.

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  1. I was fined on Friday night for doing 92km/h in a 70 zone. It was at 11pm on a three lane road which I've travelled on for years without another car in site at that time. The road leads in to a large roundabout and as I was exiting I spotted a HWP car flying around from the other side. Within seconds it had bridged the gap to me and flashed the lights.

    I did the breath test and was clear on that but was fined $333 and lost four points which I think is the standard charge for 20-30km/h over the speed limit.

    Now I suppose it's fair enough, the law is the law and I was in the wrong. I just feel it's a particularly harsh penalty considering the following:

    1. The conditions were far from dangerous. Say it had been in traffic in the late afternoon (especially in a car) I'd say I deserved every bit of it but this was a massively wide straight road in the middle of the night with no one around.

    2. I'm a uni student commuting 10 hours a week and am extremely strapped for cash. The fine alone is more than I make in a month and I have to pay the lot in one go.

    3. I've never had another offence.

    I'm on a 20 year old 250 and am by no means out to kill myself on a 1000cc superbike. It's my everyday bike and I ride to a safe level, I can't afford to crash the thing. Would it have been completely unreasonable to be let off with a warning or at least let me repay in installments?

    My boss told me that the red HWP cars only come down from Brisbane over the weekends so I guess I just had really bad luck.
  2. Squeeby,

    I have requested that the fine be dropped or reduced due to a good driving record in the past. This does need to be done in writing. The infringement office dropped it by 1 level which saved me about $150 and 2 points. This said I was 29 at the time.

    You have no legal grounds to argue the fine from what I can see anyway (happy to be corrected). I would think that your best chance would be to do what I said above and hope that the person who deals with it is feeling good that day. You can only but ask.

    In regards to the time frame to pay the fine. You will always in any state get a reminder notice for a fine if it is not paid. This normally gives another 14-28 days for it to be paid. Also I think it is possible to again call the infringement office number on the fine and arrange more time to pay it.

    Don't like your chances but, noting your age and the speed, but good luck anyway.
  3. Nope. Suck it up & learn to keep your eyes open. :grin:
  4. Yeah by arguing that there were no other vehicles on the road you have done half their job and confirmed you could be the only vehicle they had targeted.

    As far as never having an offence before; are you saying that you have never sped before or never been caught?

    Are you sure you have to pay it all in one go? In vic there is a number on the back of the ticket that you can call and they can make arrangements for paying over time.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. The officer told me I can't pay in installments. I'll try writing to them. Some fair points Day.
  6. That's opinion and typically the Police don't care...
    The law is the law - you don't get to define it. :)
    Getting a fine for your actions is like getting educated at Uni - its a learning experience!
    That might work if you contest it but they usually don't care if you've only been on the road for a short time compared to a decade or more. Worth a try.
  7. if you cant afford to speed then dont :!:

    its as easy as that,

    from memory QLD does let you pay the fine off in installments
  8. My speeding wasn't a deliberate decision, and yes I have learnt to keep a closer eye on the speedo now.
  9. OP, I love to speed and do it regularly (and get caught too), but you got caught so HTFU. However, look at it this way, how often do you speed and how often do you get caught? I'm assuming the percentage of been caught to actual time spent speeding is very low (like everyone else).

    Also I know in NSW (not sure about Vic or QLD) if you just don't pay it, and leave it long enough it will go to the sheriff's office and then you can arrange a payment plan. However I'm pretty sure every state allows a payment plan, look into more.
  10. He's just trying to minimize the impact of a very minor crime. I'd be looking at the same options in his position, and so would you.

    Unfortunately whats safe and whats legal may be at different ends of the spectrum. As others have said, you were 22km/h over the limit, and it seems like there weren't many factors which could have influenced the reading. So I doubt you'd be able to successfully contest it. I'd just request to have the fine reduced due to good driving record and hope for the best.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.