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Grounded wire??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Oscar33, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Ok my mates bike a V-star 250cc continues to either cut out without notice or will fail to start all together (there is no sound what so ever the bike is just dead).
    The bike has been taken to a yamaha dealer who looked the bike over top to bottem front to back and said all is well with the bike, and said they had fixed the problem being the battery (i had only just brought him a new battery the week before).
    So i am thinking it may in fact be a grounded wire somewhere on the bike, how does one go about finding the problem spot and fixing or patching the bugger to get it to the shop.
    Or any other ideas would be very helpful

  2. Lots of possibilities here. Intermittent electrical problems are some of the most difficult to find. Personally I would get a wiring diagram first then look at the Kill switch assembly and the ignition lock switch assembly in that order.

    That's a start anyway. If you have an Owners manual they will often have a wiring diagram in the back of them Usually a tiny one so it pays to get it blown up by a enlarging photocopier. Certainly makes it easier to read.

    Good luck.
  3. side stand/neutral interlock.
  4. The interlocks would cause the starting problem, but would notcause it to cut out. I'd start by checking all the earth connections to make sure they're clean and tight.
    Is the engine rubber mounted?
  5. A buggered Alternator, or Starter Motor can cause this too.
  6. Correction AHH yes they do cause engine cut off on most, i.e. start engine with clutch in and in gear and sidestand down, let out clutch to take off and pft stops.
  7. Not only that if you have a sensitive side stand switch you can case it to cut by going over bumps.

    At least eliminate it.
  8. /\ /\ /\
    Wot they said!
    Bypass the sidestand switch and clutch switch (can probably be done at the relay) and get rid of a bunch of potential problems.
    If you can't remember to put the sidestand up before taking off you shouldn't be riding! (and yes, I've done it!)
  9. Yeah, bypass the interlock switch and see if that helps you, if not then check your kill switch and make sure nothing is earthing out inside the switch assembly.