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Ground anchor locks: Whats good and where do I get them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I want to get a ground anchor lock for my bike, and I cant find any to buy online in Australia. This place in the UK has a great selection, but the exchange rate is a bugger, and add shipping and it will be pricey. Can anyone make any recommendations for a make and model, and where I could get one?

  2. Oh Ive seen these in some bike stores. I would be asking the store owner etc where they get them from.
  3. I ve seen them on ebay too!
  4. One of the advirtisments on NR was about bike lifts. When i went to their website they have a bike anchor system that can be bolted to the ground. When the bike is on the stand/anchor thingo - it is impossible to remove the bolt. It also can be removed and can be used on trailers etc - to keep your bike upright. Oh i forgot to mention - the bike anchor thingo does two things - it holds the bike upright and it also allows for the bike to be locked to the anchor. No idea if they are any good or not - just saw the ad here!

    Kryptonite also sells an anchor system...
  5. Is there any particular reason why you want to buy one online? Many (most?) bike shops seem to sell ground anchors.
  6. The UK seem to have a lot for sale online. It seems strange that there are none for sale online in Oz. I never tried bike shops as I thought they were more a security specialist thing.
  7. Brighton Kawasaki has them, very heavt maybe thats why not many are sold online?
  8. Australian made Taffynackle ground anchor costs around $170 and is awesome. Safe as houses BUT can be relocated if required once unlocked. I have one and am happy with it. I think Frasers sell them but you can also buy through his site.

    Taffynackles Engineering, Forster, New South Wales.
    Phone 02 6555 2999

    This is not his site, i can't find it right now(?), but it shows the lock:

    If you find his site post up the addy cos it had some funny stuff about security etc on it.

    Note that a Krytonite Newyork chain won't quite fit through the taffynackle eye, so check the fit before getting the chain.
  9. that taffynacle anchor looks really good. im renting so having an anchor that can be removed is a fantastic idea. the only reason i dont have one so far is because all the anchors i have seen pretty much require a jackhammer to get them out if the concrete.

    if anyone finds that taffynackle link id love to see it, i did find a page that reckons they supply harley davidson and can be found in their catalouges, so maybe a harley dealer can get them in.
  10. How do the removable ones work exactly?
  11. I'm renting too, thats why I have one.
    You bolt them down with 3 expansion bolts then a big are collar goes over this and is held in place by the bike chain going through the eye. Bolts are supplied.

    Landlord was fine with 3 bolt bolt holes in the garage floor, I told him i'll knock the exp' bolts in and pour some concrete into holes when I leave.

    I bought mine from the Harley section of Frasers at Homebush (had never been into that part of the shop before...). Mine doesn't have the Harley logo on it... Try some Harley shops around Vic.
  12. If you are referring to one like this :wink:
    Then apparently there are two bolts underneath the front tire that screw into the ground (when the bike is on the stand). In theory the bolts cant be removed while the bike is on the stand.

    Is that what you meant? otherwise i have no idea - i dont think anchors can be removed - detroys the purpose? :?
  13. ive seen somewhere these shed things that you roll your bike onto and slide it in. Pretty cool.. i was thinking of buying that because i didnt have a garage but now i do i didnt end up buying it.
    Usually if im away for more than a week i get the big ass chain (weighs about 5kg) and attach the bike to the garage frame. Im thinking if someone wants to steal my bike that much then they'll find a way.
  14. go to the Bikebiz online store and look at the Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor - its at the bottom of their security page.


    looks OK but not especially big/heavy/strong but would be worth seeing one in the flesh.
  15. MAW had an Ok one for around 100.
    Similar principle to the Taffynackles.

    Its oval, not round, and only has 2 dynabolts which are covered when the chain is locked in.
  16. Oxford also do a great anchor called a docking station. RRP $179.95
    can see it at www.ficeda.com.au and click on Oxford then open the security PDF....

  17. Could you fashion a system yourself?

    I am fairly sure someone like Ramset or similar bolt/fixing company has security type bolts. I think the heads shear off when done up to a specific torque setting. So I guess you could fix something and it becomes tamperproof?

    Just a thought.
  18. sure, something like this would be easily done if you have the tools to do so, (it takes a long time to drill those holes through the metal though - i've seen it done :shock: )


    The bolts could easily be bought from bunnings etc then you screw them in and drill out the heads. :grin:

    I think it all comes down to time, resources, and money. Might just be easiler in the long term to buy one. :?

    If i ever have a farm or build a garage from scratch - i will get the biggest piece of metal i can find and cement it to the garage floor with the foundations. :shock:
  19. Been trying to figure out where to keep my bike. atm its on the street with a cover over it. Getting it up and down the driveway all the time isn't practical since I'd have to turn it on the slope, which I'm not confident doing. So I'm going to get some massive posts and hammer them into the ground in few spots (in case a car is parked where one post is), and have a hole drilled in the top with a chain attached. They'll be strong enough to make anyone think twice about trying to get one of them out.
  20. i found an anchor almost identical to the taffynacle at harley city in brunswick. only difference is having 3 bolts, rather than 4. it was $170, but worth it for being removeable.