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Groomsman Speech

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GMAN, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. :grin: hello there,
    can u post up some good jokes or sentences i can use @ the wedding :roll:
    im stuck :(

  2. Don't buy your bed from 40 winks.
    they stand behind every bed they sell :)
  3. marriage is like a game of noughts and crosses, when (wife) gets cross, you get nought, :)
  4. Ok, i'll try and be sensible.

    Just get up there, and thank all the people that have been with you all the way for the past years, the ones that have helped you through the tough times etc etc.

    Thank your parents, thank her parents, thank her, thank the reception centre, the video people and the photographersm, band, limo drivers and anyone else that is slaving away to assist you on your memorable day.

    Dont drag it along, dont write it all down and read it, just jot it down in point form and refer to the points and elaborate from them. It makes it sound far more natural than a read one.

    Trust me, I've videotaped hundreds of weddings in my time and there is nothing worse than a speach that drags on or one that is read out like a book.
  5. They're not bloody easy that's for sure. I still wish I could have mine over again. I was as nervous as hell but managed to thank everyone I needed to - at least I thought so. :?
    After I'd signed off and was sitting down to the guests applause I walked past one of my wife's bridesmaids and she whispered to me "What about mentioning your lovely wife."

    Yep - I hadn't said a word about the most important person there, my wife! What a klutz! I wanted to go back up and say what I hadn't but my wife said "Don't worry about it - you can tell me later in private." Made me realise why I loved her so much.

    Still gnaws away at me after 12 years of marriage though.