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Grofaz hits the bitumen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grofaz, May 29, 2008.

  1. I remember when I first started riding someone told me it was a matter of time before I had an off. Like most blokes, I figured I'd be the exception :p

    Last Wednesday riding to work a young lady decided to cure me of my feelings of invulnerability. She pulled out of her driveway and attempted to turn right despite the fact that this meant crossing right in front of me. Despite my best efforts I hit her front right.

    Anyway I was wearing all my gear and wasn't speeding, and reckon I was doing about 35-40 km/h when I hit her. Did the superman over the bars and stupidly stuck my mit out to break my fall. The only thing that got broke was my wrist, but other than the wrist and some minor cuts and bruises I am fine. Helmet is obviously knackered and the GPX looks like she will be unrepairable.

    The cops were next door attending another job so were there in an instant. Ambos were there mere minutes later. Off to hospital for a couple of days stay, then surgery on the wrist Friday night, discharged to the wife's care Saturday.

    Luckily my employer covers all my expenses (Army) but I'd much rather have my bike and my old wrist back. God knows how long it will be before I can ride again.

    Anyway, no feeling sorry for myself here, just saying hello and telling my tale. See all you QLD netriders out there again soon :)

    And keep an eye out for a young girl with P plates in a white Hyundai. If you see her tell her I said hi :soapbox: :censored:
  2. ah damn... at least if the cops where there straight away they'll be no arguing fault :cool:

    Better to take it easy and have the wrist heal up proper then jump back on a bike too early and do further damage, as tempting as being back on the bike may sound :wink:

    Hmm, white Hyundai's with P-plates, there's a description that matches a few thousand cars :LOL: I stay well away from all of em
  3. i sprayed 46000L of bitumen today.
  4. Great - more things for us to hit! :p :LOL:
  5. Shouldn't MissDumbBitch be covering your expenses?
  6. There's an ejaculation joke that's eluding me right now...
  7. Ah yes, forgot to mention that. The copper rang me on Saturday to inform me that the investigation was concluded and that I was found to have no fault in the accident. The driver will be charged, he said something along the lines of "failing to clear the roadway before entering".

    Anyway, at least that means no excess on my insurance. Small mercies and all that.
  8. Fixed.
  9. :rofl:

    Yes, what is about Mirages and Excels that attracts the worst of the bogan female drivers??

    Good to hear it wasn't as bad as that sort of biff often is, grofaz. Let that wrist heal strongly.
  10. ahhh grofaz mate. not the Geepee! glad to hear you are ok. definitely take the time to heal properly before gettin back to it. you'll only regret it later if you don't. ( still paying the price for not listening to doctors/physio about breaking my shoulder blade 13 years ago)

    hope to see you out on the roads when you are healed though. give us a hoy and we'll go for a spin :)

    p.s. any thoughts on the replacement bike ??? :biker:
  11. Nope, they'd be Mazda 121 drivers... :shock:
  12. Bad luck mate, what you really need to do is inconvenience her, find out where she lives, get a truck, wait till shes pulling out then T-bone her..

    She will never do it again, if your going fast enough.
  13. bad luck mate.. i had a little scuffle with the bitumen the day before your accident.

    hope everything is fine for you

    ps. i personally hate that dickhead that yelled "HA HA" after my accident. In retrospect it makes my blood boil! :(
  14. Ohnoz! My sparring partner! Sounds like a backstreet? Oh well just goes to prove it can happen anywhere anytime. Drink lots of milk mate, a few weeks and she'll be right :D

    Now if only bikes could drink milk :(
  15. yeah thats bad luck mate.hope you heal up proper.
    same thing happened to a mate who works at a bike shop in the city years back.the boss gave him a brand new t595 for the weekend which was to be used as a demo.he broke both wrists on his way home for the weekend.
    what was the chick's reaction by the way?i find alot of female p platers can have a rather nasty attitude.
  16. NOOOOO Not the GeePee?? The wrist will heal, but your poor little bike :(

    Hope you heal fast, and look at the positive - now you can upgrade to a new Ninja!!
  17. To her credit she stood on the side of the road crying and saying "I'm so sorry" over and over. The first couple of times I was gracious, telling her it could've been worse and that to make sure she learned her lesson and be more vigilant when pulling out in future, but I quickly got tired of listening to her and was glad to get away with the Ambos.

    Besides, my arm was starting to give me a little curry by that stage, and I was trying to ring my wife to put her mind at ease, so I had other priorities.
  18. You didn't notice who he works for? (Army)

    What you should have said was:

    "Bad luck mate, what you really need to do is find out where she lives, get a Unimog or a Bushmaster (whatever is easier), wait till shes pulling out then T-bone her...."

    "She will never do it again" (, if your going fast enough- deleted, she would NEVER do it again).... :p
  19. Owwch! Commiserations Grofaz. Sympathies on the crash and empathies on the broken wrist - been there, done that. Glad you got away better than it could have otherwise been.

    You might have your own thoughts about the lessons you can take away from this experience, but to me it reinforces that any car pulling out of a driveway or waiting at an intersection about to enter your path, is an instant brake covering situation. Keep an eye on those car wheels too... you'll get the clue of the car moving by the wheel rotation before the mind registers the mass moving.

    Bad luck mate. Best wishes to mending quickly.
  20. I use this method every day in the car, something I will be quick to adopt on 2 wheels!

    Congrats on surviving the fall mate, I bet your wife gives you plenty of curry when you get a new bike - It took me long enough to talk my wife into the idea of me riding let alone coming off!

    Best of luck for the recovery.