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GRoberts is famous!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FormerUser3, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Just found this on the TAC website, I am guessing it's the same groberts, am I right glen?

    TAC Website

  2. Sounds like our Glen. Jeez he must have sent the spell-checker into meltdown getting that sorted out. ;)

    Well done Glen :).
  3. He was also on tonight's news on ch10, standing beside his idling Storm. He was filmed as part of the motorcycle presence at the drink driver sentencing.
  4. hahaha!!! That made me laugh big time.
  5. Well done mate :D and it's all spelt right . They must of proof read it :p
  6. Was this one of the articles/tips you scored $100 for?
  7. most of us made big cash out of TAC, from memory glen made $200 so did i and a few others around here made $100 or so
  8. Yep about 18 months ago or there abouts. All you had to do back then was pen anything resembling a modicum of intelliegence and they would flash the cash :shock:

    Cheers 8)
  9. Well done Glen
  10. I submitted two of them and they both got published and i score $500 ($250 each).
    I didnt think that they publish them but they did , so thats my $50 levy paid for the next 10 years :LOL:
  11. who wrote them for you Grobbie?
    No spelling errors, gramatically satisfactory.
    Come on fess up your ghost writer got some of the proceeds.
  12. Saw Glen on the Ch10 news, got his mug on the tube once. I then flicked over and watched the Ch9 news and stuff me, Glen gets four different shots. Definitely getting up to his fifteen seconds of fame...:LOL:
  13. So he now disappears without a trace?????

    I think not!!!

    Well done glen.
  14. We couldn't be that lucky :p

    Nice work and well done.
  15. No i havent done the bolt , just tied up with work stuff and club stuff .

    its cost me a slab , being on the news and thats only the start of the fines. :LOL: