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Grips slipping/can be rotated

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sivartydrup, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    My bike came fitted with some oxford heated grips. It seems to be that they aren't secured very well as they can rotate on the bars. I thought the throttle was just really stiff to use until the other day when I was wiggling the grip a bit after a ride and moved it a bit towards the bar end. Instant improvement in throttle control and less hand soreness from holding it on being harder than normal.

    So, the question is how do I properly secure the grips to the bars? Is there some sort of special adhesive I should be using, or are the grips just getting a bit rooted?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. You can buy "grip glue" from most motorcycle shops or use good old hairspray...either way clean the bars properly first!
  3. Cool, thanks for the quick reply! I might sneak some of my wifes hairspray first, see how that goes.

    Thanks again!

  4. Just make sure you don't use too much and let the bike sit overnight:)
  5. Ok, will do! Thanks alot!
  6. I suspect that as they get older, the grips tend to loosen. I had that problem on my old CBR250. I jerry-rigged a fix by wrapping some electrical tape around the bar and forcing the grip back on.

    Its lasted over a year, and is probably still holding tight.
  7. Thanks for that, I'll give the grips a good looking over once I have them off. Hopefully the hairspray will work and I won't have to resort to the electrical tape! Something to remember if I ever need a cheap fix though!

  8. Just use wire to hold them on, el motocrosser styley.
  9. I had heated grips fitted a few months ago, they did the same as yours and came loose, in fact, one came right off the throttle and caused me plenty of drama while riding..........anyhow, we put plenty of Supa-glu onto them and theyve stuck fast ever since. Dont know if this is the recommended solution but it worked for me.
  10. ametha elf, having the grip come off the throttle while riding would of been a bit scary! Hopefully the supa glu holds, if it doesn't nothing will!

    I just watched a Mythbusters episode about duct tape the other day. They hoisted a car up on a crane using it, made an entire sail boat out of it and made a cannon out of it. Maybe I should get some in case I ever come unstuck! :p:grin: (Sorry for the pun!)

    Thanks for all the replies, I'll give the hairspray a go first, and if it doesn't work for these grips I guess I'll get creative! :)
  11. I put my heated grips on with the glue that was supplied with the kit. It was a quick acting glue, similar to supaglue.You had to make sure you get the grips all the way on very quickly, and in the correct position to stop the wires fouling anything before the glue set. If you use supaglue I would advise a dry fit first to avoid any problems. I think I used about five drops on each grip and they haven`t moved in three years.
  12. I am also having a similar problem, but also that my throttle doesn't go as far down as it should. Today whilst riding reefton the throttle even got stuck. It was like cruise control. Took my hand off the throttle and the bike kept going at the same speed. Was thinking should I take the heated grips off during summer.
  13. Problem with super glue is it makes the grips hard to get off when it's finally time to replace them. Hairspray is the "approved" technique.
  14. Air compressor gets all grips off.
  15. I haven't had a chance to do mine yet, my weekends are too busy (lots of birthdays this time of year, and a 9 month old boy!)

    My main problem with the slipping is that because of the cables for the heated grips, the grip can only slip so far. So the throttle grip gets to the end of the cable slack and doesn't slip any further giving me a bugger all amount of throttle. At this stage I usually clutch it and slip it back. Really bad I know!

    I'm going to book myself on Thursday night to do it, otherwise I'll find something else to do!
  16. sivartydrup, my heated grips did this as well. I was exhausted just trying to roll the throttle. In the end the accelleration just died. Actually, the grips came off in the end which caused no amount of drama because I was riding at the time! Havent used them since because it hasnt been cold, but I have a feeling they may be more trouble then they're worth.
  17. Yeah, I've heard a few heated grips have done this. Maybe the heat wrecks the adhesive? I got massive hand cramps trying to keep the throttle on.

    I was thinking about just getting regular grips. I don't even know how the heated grips work as no manual came with it when I got the bike. I've only got it working once, by pure luck I suppose. It's just coming up to summer anyway, so it's not going to be cold for a while. I might have a look around online to see if I can find some cheap ones to replace them with.

  18. Ok, so I did the grips last night. It was simple and didn't take long at all! Probably about 20 mins while doing other things at the same time (could of done it in 5 mins if that was all I was doing). I have no idea how long I should leave it before I check it's worked properly, so I left it today and will check it tonight after work. I just did it with hairspray (which reminded me I need a haircut!)

    One problem I did encounter though, when I was putting my right-hand bar end back on, it seems that the nut that it bolts into slipped away and down into the handlebar further! So the bar end doesn't really stay in if I pull it at all. From what I can tell of the setup, it looks like there is a (4 cm?) rubber plug in the handle bar with a hole through it, that would normally have a nut on either side of it that the bolt through the bar end screws through. So the nut that I can't see on the other side of the rubber plug has fallen away. Does this sound plausible and what may of happened? I was thinking maybe if I somehow got the rubber plug out, I could tie a magnet with a hole in it to a piece of string and dangle it into the handle bar to retrieve the nut. Sound like a OK plan?

    Hopefully someone with more if an understanding of this can tell me if I'm on the right track, and what sort of tool I could use to get the rubber plug out.

    Cheers (from a noob)!
  19. Made the mistake of trying to remove grips with a can of chain-oil one time. Big mistake.

    Try that on them, or the hairspray, they'll stick to the bar like no tomorrow.

    As for the nut, your idea sounds like a good one. You may also want to get a mate to tip the bike over and then try and retrieve it, so it slides towards you.

    Cheers - boingk