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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. So after reading a few threads on the gs500 forum.. about grips a lot of people suggested to buy


    to reduce vibration and be a bit more comfy than the standard grips.. i noticed on my trip to lakes entrance the stock ones are shit.

    does anyone have any other recommendations or did i chose the right pair? i have heavy bar ends, and i am not holding the grips with all my weight (i barely am hanging on to the bars).. i'm just looking for a bit more comfort.

    i also found this screen


    just emailed them to see if it would fit my naked 2009 gs500.. once again is there anything cheaper that other people have or know of that is good for my bike.

    and gloves, i have a pair of dririder leather gloves with kevlar in them medium sized for the summer, and i did buy some winter gloves from bikersgear.. but they were very stiff, and i can't wear them.. i'm after gloves for the winter..

    i went to a few shops locally and all the gloves were either.. not wide enough or wide enough but too long in the fingers, does anyone have recommendations for a set of winter gloves.

    i have been using my leather ones for the last 2 winters.. but when it rains they're just so useless.. and have not much padding for warmth and comfort.

    Cheers guys.
  2. -the grips you linked are great. but they wear out fast. with a suzuki you will need to file of bits of throttle tube to get them on. then let the glue dry for at least twice as long as it says on the packet, before you even touch them.
    renthal glue is the best.

    -screens are for girls.

    -all winter gloves suck ass because they need to be bulkier to be warmer. bulkier means less feel. and very few are actually truly waterproof.
    the answer is heated grips
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  3. Hi Mickey,

    The grips looks pretty good and pretty cheap too.
    For the windscreen, I found the exact same one cheaper here: http://www.mybikeparts.com.au/windshields/218-barracuda-windshield-for-honda-cb600f-2003-04.html
    It looks like this one is only for honda cb600f but mybikeparts does all barracuda accessories, and I think it worth a try to email them and ask if they can get the universal one for you (as they are pretty cheap with free delivery)
    Good gloves are always hard to find, and I would not buy them online, because I think it is important to try them first.

    Hope this help.

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  4. Cheers mikou

    the grips arrived today.. and are a significant improvement to the stock ones, so the gs500 forum were helpful.

    i still haven't had a reply about the screen, ill email that crowd too, as for gloves.. i guess ill have to go looking at a few different shops then.
  5. Dave the waterlogged is selling a gs500 with a screen on it, looks good I think, why not ask him for his opinion?
    Heated Grips are a good thing.
  6. I did ask him about it, going to ring my local suzuki tomorrow to see if they can get one.. if not i wanted some other options.
  7. what is it you want from the screen? I got a 'cheapo' thru flea bay, looks like a smallish cruiser style, would suit yours but depends if looks are the deal or practicality? Found mine to be great value yesterday as I rode to Kilmore then across to YEA in the wind.
  8. Practicality... they emailed me back and i'm going to purchase one next week!

    Went to Suzuki today.. tried on a bunch of gloves.. no luck so going to go to another shop tomorrow..
  9. Pretty sure that looks like the same screen that I had on my old bike ...

    It was one from OS .. you'd have to ask Dave the brand name if that's what you like ..

    PS .. it was a great screen :D
  10. I had a smart lil screen by fabbri on my ..ahem..last bike. Too easy to install,just loosen the headlight bolts and slide it in place,tighten said bolts while readjusting your headlight aim... a common pitfall for first timers on thier first night ride since installing said screen.
    Now I ride a GS500F. Oxford grips my friend are worth thier weight in gold. Two hundred bucks should see you set up for winter rides. Even the coldest wetest ride is better with heated grips.
    As for ya mits..ya just gotta keep trying them on till you find that pair,I have several pairs for foul weather. The heated grips make up for any short falls in the meantime.
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  11. I'm getting the other screen, dave did help and cheers for that mate.

    I'm still having issues with new gloves.. too long in the fingers.. or too tight.. i went to 4 different bike shops on friday.. and tried on 20 different pairs from dainese to dririder to whatever else they had.

    And it was either not wide enough in the palms and too long in the fingers or vice versa.. i've done searches online.. and to no avail.

    Anyone else with wide palms and shorter fingers have any ideas?
    the gloves i have at the moment i've had for almost 2 years..and they're fine for summer my puppy chewed some of the elastic.. so it won't be long till they break, and they aren't waterproof or very comfy anymore they're dri rider assens i think?

    its becoming a joke that i cant find any gloves that fit properly.

    The new grips are fine.. and ill look into heated grips closer to winter, do they slide over your current grips or replace them.. as i just bought the pro ones which are pretty good so far.
  12. i have wide palms, short fingers.
    my winter gloves are knox zero and a good fit.
    they are genuinely waterproof, but still not warm enough without heated grips.
    they are high quality. the best.
    i hate them, because i hate winter gloves, no feel.
    i wear them mid winter only to prevent frostbite
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