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Grips came unglued !!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kitt, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. How's this for luck !!!

    Went out for a ride last night with Ziggy (TNMR juz a bit much for me to handle right now) ....
    Anyways :roll: he takes me on the reverse route of the Tuesday night learners ride ... all is good , fill up , down to towards Williamstown ( goddamn those speed humps on a cruiser though !! ) at the roundabout @ Millers rd .. we spot a bicycle on our right turning right (pretty quickly I might add)... and guess who it was ??
    "hi Rob " :grin: as we scoot past LOL... after Williamstown its off to Kensington ,through Nth Melb then throught the city to the Albert PK circuit ... from there we rode back down to St Kilda and over the bridge back towards home .... everything seems to be fine UNTIL I try to speed up a little (up to 100 after the rd works ) bike seems to be struggling :? .. I'm like sheesh get a move on girl ... go up over the Western Ring rd turn off ... I want to go a little faster . BUT NO .. this little V decides she wants to go slower and slower :shock: ... I move over to the left and watch Ziggy disappear into the distance ... by the time I get to the mobil on the ring rd .. I'm doing 40kms an hr and slowing rapidly :shock: I'm as far to the left of the rd as possible so before I become road kill ,I pull right off the rd and I just think WTF !!! I flick the throttle and it doesnt move or respond ... The STUPID GLUE (supaglue) used to attatch my heated grips has somehow dissolved and the grip and throttle no longer want to know each other ( I think they must've had a few issues being so close all the time :roll: )... I played with it a little and managed to find a happy medium and road home in the emergency lane ( luckily only a few kms) .. get home thing OMG how lucky I was not to become rd kill ... look at the back of the bike and OOhhhh shiet ... number plates' taken a walk too !! ( must've been the noise I heard in Clarendon street :oops: Stupid speed humps in Willy!!)
    So after that Adrenalin rush for the day ... I got about 4 hrs sleep LOL .. and after work I spent an hr at the RTA and now have a nice new shiny number plate :) .. grips .. hmmm well .. thats next !!

    Funny thing though ... whilst parked in St Kilda .. the Police drove past AND didn't notice my bike was plateless .

    Grips fixed now :)
  2. hahaha, that was me on my BICYCLE... just incase your comment is interpretted any other way.

    Get yourself some contact adhesive/grip, the water and heat resistant kind and you wont have any problems ever again. Remove the grip, smear onto the throttle tube, slide the grip back, adjust to position then let it dry overnight before applying heat or stress.

    You can get contact adhesive from any hardware store.

    By the way, if you don't mind one word of advice from an observer... RELAX! You're riding well and fine and look to be in control, so just relax! You were looking a little stiff :)

    p.s. moved to techincal torque.
  3. Take your bike back to the biatch you bought it from and claim warranty :LOL: (love you Caz :wink: )
  4. I would give her back the bike, and demand my money back too.
  5. LOL @ you lot !!!

    To clarify things :oops:

    I had heated grips put on ... used the supa glue provided :? and this happened ...

    Little v and I get on normally well and really she did look after me ..only playing up a few kms from home ... just wish it wasn't on the freeway !!!
    And thanks Rob I know :oops: ... chicken wings :roll: I was cold too :oops: I do get better as the ride goes on ... just need more confidence at the start LOL

  6. hahahah, love you too J.O :p

    Kitty, like I said last week when I saw your grips.....
    for your own safety, let the professionals that know what they are doing work on your bike. :wink:
  7. They shook themselves off, cos you fitted one of those under-seat Vibe kits.
  8. That explains it !! Caz when did you fit that kit ???

    No wonder I enjoy riding so much :oops:
  9. Glue? What's this glue stuff? I thought everyone used hairspray.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The glue is supplied with the kit mate, used it on 2 of my bikes ... no problem ( touch wood ) :)
  11. Willzah, that's a top bike!! I wish I had one. hehehe

    Superglue is fine, hair spray is fine, any glue is fine, IF the grips already have a fair degree of interference fit anyway... since your grip was rotating freely, you didn't have much interference... so you need to go to the good adhesive or figure on redoing the glue often.

  12. Further to Rob's post, if you are going to be relying on the adhesive to hold your grips in place, you need to consider the surfaces involved.

    Smooth metal and smooth plastic/rubber will not glue very well. If it were my bike, I'd use coarse wet'n'dry to hatch the surface of the bars, and tape a small piece around a dowel to do the inside of the grip (assuming there are no exposed wires or anything - I've not seen a heated handgrip). Then I'd use a two-part epoxy.

    Dunno about contact adhesive - the whole idea with that is to keep the two parts separate until the glue is tacky, then join them so they bond instantly - impossible to do when sliding the two parts together. Having said that, it would fill the gap nicely.

    Perhaps it's overkill, but I'd want to be sure I can open the throttle (and close it in case of a sticky cable/broken spring etc.!).

    I'd only go to these lengths if the grips were free to turn with no adhesive though, as it would be interesting to try and remove them.

    Caz, you sound like you've fitted a few Oxford grips. Are they all a sliding fit?
  13. Does fitting 6 pairs of oxfords count as knowing my stuff? No grips have ever have come loose using Selleys Contact adhesive (heat and water resistant brand).