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Grips and Bar End questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. I've decided I want to replace the grips and the bar ends on my VTR250. Im new to all the terminology so laugh quietly if you must.:LOL: I looked on eBay and noticed that most of the grips were for the Gixers, CBR's, and R1's, R6's. Are there different size handlebar grips and if so does anyone know what size for my bike? And also do you need to purchase bar ends seperately? Is it an easy job to replace these parts and what is involved? Many thanks for your time and advice.

  2. I'm not sure about the '99 VTR250 but the '04 seems to have non-removable bar ends (handle-bar and bar ends seem permanently attached). So I guess you'd need to replace the handlebar as well...

    You can get replacement OEM grips from your local Honda dealer for not much money... :)
  3. Hi JP. Yes there is really only one size of handlebars (7/8") and therefore grips. Bar ends are universal as well. The bar ends I've seen have a screw in the end that expands a bit of rubber up inside the bar. Loosen and they slide out. Depending on how stuck on the old grips are, you might have trouble getting them off and the new ones on. I've heard contact cleaner works pretty well as it lubricates then evaporates once the grip is on.

    Cheers, Scott
  4. Not a 100% sure on the VTR and if the bar ends come off ..but.
    I replace mine today for first time ever :? .
    I went to Trevor jordans in the gong and got red and black ,pro grip ones for $25 :cool: .

    Took the bar ends off ,like scott said ,just un screw the ends and they come out ,The nut on one end stayed in the bar :? ,And I couldn't get it out ,so I cut a garden hose in half ,and pushed it threw and it pushed the nut out the other end :LOL: .

    Cut the old grips off with a razor blade ,clean the old glue off a bit .
    Then get some hair styleing moose ,or hair spray.
    Put some on the bars and put some in the new grip ,and it slides right on.
    The hair spray drys and sets like glue ,there tight to put on any ways.
    You will notice one is smaller in the diameter on the inside ,one for the throttle and one for just the bar.

    Get new bar ends , they were $20 for carbon looking ones .

    Put in it the bar end and tighten ,when you tighten the screw ,it squashes the rubber and it jams it in the bar tube. Done in 15 minutes.
    Please note .....Just make sure ,the throttle in free and its twists and returns to stop freely and its not catching..
  5. Thanks for all the replies :) After closer inspection it looks like you can't remove the bar ends (who's idea was that!) but will be replacing the grips this weekend.
  6. So I hit my bar ends with pliers and all sorts of tools and now they are just scratched to death.... And If I cant get them off I will have to replace the bars... So does everyone agree that the bar ends on a VTR250 dont come off?
  7. They will, get a heat gun or blow torch & gently heat the end, then dunk it in some cold water, it will come out very easily. Just put the bar end itself in the water, not the bar.
  8. In any event, remember that the bar ends are there to serve several purposes not all of which are apparent. They do protect the bar if you have a spill, which is important, however, they are also there to provide a damping effect on the vibrations that inevitably find their way to the handlebars.

    Removing them, or replacing them with bar-ends that are a different WEIGHT to the ones that are there, can compromise this function, so make sure that, if you do replace, you replace like-for-like.