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grippin the tank with legs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ibanezboy21, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. are you suppose to grip it firmly ALL the time? i find when i go downhill or e-braking i sometime forget to and my genitals hurt afterwards.....

  2. He he.

    I find the ball crushing enough to make me hold on!

    When braking hard I find it it very strenuous, but I tell you what I'd rather my legs, back and stomach get a work out than my balls getting squashed ;)

    Haven't been riding long, but I am finding that I will hold on enough with my legs so that I can take ALL weight off my hands, and they NEVER hurt :D and neither do my genitals :p
  3. Yes, and do kegels at the same time. Most people report an extra 20-30cm firing range.
  4. You'll remember after a few times I'm sure! :LOL:

    Yes, in these circumstances you need to grip the tank with your knees and prevent damaging the jewels.

    look here....

  5. I've got triways tank grips and the jewels are very relaxed.
  6. No need to grip all the time...ie..when just cruising along...but anytime you are stopping or cornering, or other wise needing to keep your body in place...grip the tank with your thighs/knees.

  7. LOL!!

    I find the boys are always sitting against the tank on the GS.. it DOES have a big tank though, any other GS riders find this?

    Might look into these tank grips
  8. Yep. Which is why my thighs are usually sore after a decent ride, better them than my balls. :grin:
  9. internal reproductive systems FTW!!! :LOL:

    MY genitals never get sore on the bike.... funny that.
  10. i think i should also learn to use my front brake properly, that should prob help lol
    and because you have your gear on/riding you cant really do anything about it so you have this tingling sensation for like 2mins..

    btw im a noob, riden my bike twice so far.
  11. You could wear a cup. It would stop you "flat sacking" if you run into the rear of a car. :LOL:
  12. Is there a place you can order/buy these tank grips off?
  13. send triway a pm or go to his web site

  14. +1
    Best investment I've made this year!