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Gripe of the week.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by live4themoment, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Some taxi drivers not going to say all because i am sure they are not all the same. Crossing over double lines to do u-turns when you right in front of them. Indicating at the last second to turn a corner. Going to slow in a 80 and 60 zone. Pulling out from ranks and sidewalks without looking in mirrors.

    For people that spend 12 hours a day on the road you think that some of them would be a little more practiced on driving tech.

  2. A lot of those blokes haven't been inOZ for long, and it is the only job that they can get short term. pity really. I use cabs a bit, and most of them are shit drivers.
  3. when a cabbie was tailgating within a metre of my taillight across the sydney harbour in peakhour traffic in the bus lane, then the friggin arsewipe had the nerve to tell me it was my choice and my problem. that along with stories, personal experiences, and long arguements with collegues who moonlight as cabbies made me draw only one conclusion:


    all cabbies are khannnnnns.

    *as always there are exceptions to any rule*

    :soapbox: off

  4. If I did my job as poorly as a cabbie does his, I'd get fired.
  5. Similar thing happened to me today on Bridge Rd, Richmond.........except it was a Divvy van that did a u-turn across the tram tracks, no blinker etc.
  6. here in adelaide, cabbies are sexually abusing women they take home late at night.
    there have been 52 reported cases since christmas.

    it's a bit of a concern that you go out drinking & think you're doing the safe thing by getting a cab....
  7. My dad was talking to a taxi driver about this subject. During the midnight - 3 am shift he has a lot of drunk, single women that he has to take home. A lot of times they just fall asleep in the back. He's scared of touching them to wake them up, only to be named as a predator. So he calls head office and they tell him to just drop her off and to write-off the fare.