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Grinning big time drz400sm

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Just purchased my third bike. It's a 07 Drz400sm named Betty.
    She's very underpowered compared to my gsxr750 but boy am I always grinning.
    I bought is as a spare bike because I was planning on modifying the gsxr.

    I'm already looking at ways to improve on the bike. On the way is a bash plate and lowering links.
    Thinking of getting full exhaust and jet kit plus clean the filter. Gearing changes, if possible gear position indicator and proper hand guards maybe tacho.
    Can anyone give me any ideas and tips for my bike?

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  2. suuweeeet!.. i want one!
    barkbusters, to protect your hands from higher car/ute mirrors.
    corbin seat
    gel grips
    pivot pegz
    roadkill stickers
    banged up enduro helmet with a big sticker on the back that says **** PIGS.
    oggy knobs
    haha, i don't know... i know about as much about super tards as i do cruisers.
  3. depends on how far you wnat to go with it;

    3x3 airbox mod
    FCR carb (or the carb from the drz-e)
    full exhaust

    etc etc
  4. I've had the same bike as a loaner. It's is a huge smile machine. Looks great in black too.
  5. lookin' good
  6. yep.

    then big bore kit.

    dont forget crash knobs.

    tacho = gay
    gear position indicator = gay
    handguards = good idea.
    proper tyres = yes

    track day 3rd october on it = make it happen.
  7. I have a question for those that know. The clutch lever. Is it supposed to feel soft. I'm quite used to the gsxr clutch quite firm. How long are the clutches supposed to last? My bike has 21000kms.

    I find it odd I read a lot about how many people would change the seat but I find it quite comfortable. I rode it from Geelong to the city and then back out west past the airport during peak hour without a sore bum.

    Not used to this 1 cyl yet. I don't know if its spluttering or just vibrating half the time I'm cruising around. Are Vapar dashes legal?

    Would love a stroker kit. Definitely needs more power. Or I just want more same same.

    And how do I top up the coolant? the reservoir bottle is empty but the radiator is full. I cant find anywhere to top it up.
  8. the drz clutches feel pretty soft, so i wouldnt be concerned. is it slipping? i wouldnt think it would be, and the clutch should last a long time even with abuse.

    ahh i see you have found out that 1 cylinder isnt for cruising around on. maybe try ride in a gear lower than normal and feel a difference.

    the trailtech viper dashes are legal iirc.

    theres lots of things to do to get more power, but it depends how much maintenance you want to do on it.

    hmm coolant, you dont have to take a sidecover off to get at the resivoir bottle? i cant remember, been a while since i worked on one.
  9. the reservoir bottle is visible without taking any covers off but there is no where to fill it. No opening just hoses going to and from.

    I might change the gearing to suit

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