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Grinding Rattle :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dimi, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Hey all, will try be as descriptive as possible but its just occurred recently so only really experienced it a few times and didnt wanna keep going over and over again.

    I get this really painful sounding grinding rattle noise between roughly 8krpm up to roughly 10krpm. It goes away when i hold the clutch in. Occasionally around that time that it makes the noise or soon after i get a wiff of a burning/rubbing smell that's hard to put a finger on as it goes away just as suddenly.

    I've got a couple of ideas myself and will of course be going to the appropriate people but in the meantime i wish to get an idea of what it may be so i will know if those "appropriate people" are stuffing me around or not.

    Feel free to ask anymore questions regarding the matter but at this stage that's pretty much it.

  2. someone put a ducati clutch in your bike when you weren't looking?

    probably something in the clutch that has failed.
  3. lol does that mean i can sell it in the ducati price-range?
  4. if it's at such a low speed, can you get someone to walk/run alongside you and see if the source of the noise is evident?
  5. well the thing is, 8000rpm to 10000rpm, even in first gear is too fast for walking/running speed. Even on a 250 :(
  6. Do you reckon i can still ride the bike around?
  7. Yep but just ride in lower rev range till u get it checked out
  8. Be really gentle if you need to keep riding.. and double ckeck the oil level

    its unlikely (unless you're me, then very likely)... but could be low oil grinding noises
  9. Ok i'll give that a look also, cheers. Was asking cause unfortunately life doesn't stop and its pretty much my only transport most times...
  10. Double check the oil. Without hearing it it sounds like the clutch basket is rattly..however engines can make all sorts off odd sounds and the origin can be misleading.
    If no one is likely to see you you can try a lil' trick with a screwdriver to narrow it down.
    Warm the bike up,select a long screwdriver (it don't really matter about the head type) With the engine running,place the tip of the driver against the cam cover...take a quick look around so no one is looking coz the next bit can cause neighbors to point and laugh...place you ear against the handle.
    The driver now works like a stethoscope transmitting sounds to ya noggin.You can hear all sorts of stuff depending where you place the driver, valves, timing chain, big end etc.
    This trick can be very handy to narrow down where the grinding is coming from. Move the driver around from the head to the cylinders and work your way around the engine.
    If you have to ride..keep the revs low and try not to make her work too hard...but get her seen to as soon as you can.
  11. You know it's not a bad idea. Great that you have reminded me about that technique as I've seen it used before. I'll report back when I learn anything new
  12. What sort of bike is it? Does it have an exup valve in the exhaust. My bike makes some funny noises around that range and I put it down to the exup chattering when it's almost completely open. This noise doesn't sound like something is grinding though, more like a strange humming noise.
  13. It's a Suzuki bandit gsf250v 2000 model. I get the changing over noise but that is at 10 k rpm and u get that burst of power, that part is normal.
  14. Best get it fixed then....
  15. Sounds like a plan! :dance:
  16. Crisis over. Was a loose part rattling away... relieved that it was only my stupidity not a wrecked bike that needed a checkup :)
  17. Mind us asking which part was loose?
  18. Well it was the gps mount screws rattling. Still doesn't explain the burnt smell i would get (same smell time after time) but i'll be doing a valve check sometime in the very near future so ill be having a better look at the internals during that time. Hopefully its nothing...