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Grinding noise from front brake

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hph, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Bike was dropped while stationary at parking recently and ended up with a broken front brake lever. The lever was replaced but I'm now experiencing metal grinding noises from the front brake when pushing the bike in neutral. What could be causing this ??

    Also, are there any good bike mechanics in the Bankstown/Lidcome are as I was thinking of taking it to the mechanics for a look over.

  2. It could be otherwise, but it's worth noting that the pads are meant to sit close to the disk - so close that the pads will touch slightly which means you will hear a scraping sound as you push the bike along in neutral. I found this out when I worried about the same thing...

    How is your pad thickness>
  3. You may have a master cylinder damaged or sitting a bit crooked.

    You may also have damaged the caliper mounts.

    It may also be fine after a flush and good workout.

    How does the lever feel? any different?

    Is it braking fine? any pulsation?
  4. Sometimes after a drop u hear thing that where always there you just never took notice before...
    Are the brakes still working ?
    Do you feel a pulsing in the lever when braking.

    If your at all worried about your brakes and your not confident to work on them yourself ,For peace of mind take it to a bike mechanic.. :wink:
  5. brake

    The front brake seems to take up sooner than before. By that I mean I pretty much just have to set it up slightly and I will notice the braking effect. may be it's paranoia setting in cos It locked up on me when I originally replaced it with an aftermarket lever last week. I'd now replaced it with an original yamaha lever. There are no other visible damages to the bike except for the broken lever and a crack to the fairing
    behind the indicator. :?

    I don't feel any pulsing effect fom the lever when braking.
  6. Re: brake

    The lever locked up?

    If so then the master cylinder needs attention. It needs to be pulled apart and the bore checked for damage. If it's good then it needs a kit putting through it.

    Make sure the flanges the lever swings in is straight and clean.
  7. brake lock up

    The front brake was ok when I rode to work which was about 15kms away. It locked up on me pretty much after 100m or so when I tried to get home in the afternoon. I had to remove the lever in order to get going again. When I took that lever back to MCAS we found th plunger bit was longer than the OEM one by about 2 mm.

    Can all this come from a stationary drop. It was knocked over by somebody when I parked it at work couple of weeks ago. :cry:
  8. Re: brake lock up

    Yeah sounds like you've done more damage than just the lever. It wouldn't take much to damage a master cylinder if the fall was right.