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'Grin' spots - anyone else experiencing this?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gracebeey, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Something that I've discovered in the past 3 months or so riding my bike is that:

    1. Every ride makes you feel alive and grows hair on your chest (I'm a girl - not sure if this is a good thing) :p
    2. Every route you take have at least a couple of spots that put THAT grin on your face :grin: . You know, that sharp left turn after the roundabout.....the big, track-like roundabout....the curvey part of the highway....

    Everytime I get home from a ride, even the daily commuting ride, I can't get that grin off my face. :grin: I hope the feeling never stops!!

  2. oh so thats what happened
  3. That's exactly it, qbnspeedfreak :p . And considering I'm riding the naked version of your bike, the hair is probably growing even more rapidly! :LOL:
  4. absolutely awesome bikes arent they wanna buy the faired version lol

    i definately get that grin factor going thru the snowies and down to the coast love hills and all the twisties that go with them
  5. just had about 5 of these today riding the spurrrr... wednesday night coffees in VIC awesome!!
  6. I'm so glad you found your G spot.... :LOL:
  7. It must of been all that sideways action, twisting and turning..JK....lol

    Once bitten by the bike you can never get enough...... :wink:

    Dr DRIFT....
  8. Ahh, so that it explains it :LOL: I ride the naked version also :wink:
  9. hair on your boobs. lol .

    thats funny :LOL:
  10. I'm throwin in a comment just to get another GS500 on the thread!!! :grin:
  11. I've only been riding a week and a half, took my GS500F (gee, GS riders must be the happiest :grin: ) out for its first proper fang down Cotter Rd yesterday after work. I was happy all night, lol.
  12. ausjc u need tomake it out to the next coffee meet on the 12th so us gs500f can own it :LOL:
  13. Sometimes I "ScREaM" in my helmet, good thing is no one here's me LoL :LOL:

  14. I might turn up actually, I'll post in the other thread if I remember.