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Grim holiday road toll

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. A MOTORCYCLIST is dead after his machine slammed into the back of a truck in Sydney's west, taking the holiday road toll in New South Wales to ten.


  2. LOL @ OT edit

    djkearns - the title is perfectly... [edit!] nevermind :grin:
    I see what's going on.
  3. finger -> pulse ;)

    because we are talking about the grim road toll, as opposed to posting technique :grin:
  4. Copied from Overclockers Australia.

    Hey guys, a mate of mine, Ronald (Known as Ronaldsoft here) passed away late yesterday at Westmead hospital after a motorcycle accident on the M4.

    Looking through stuff he wrote, I discovered that Ronald was a member here so I decided to let you guys know that we've lost a great bloke, one who just happened to contribute to this community.

    Having worked at the same place as Ronald and talked to him often I would say that I knew him as a friend. Hell, it was only the other week that I was helping him load his new Samsung TV into the car and making jokes about him coming to pick it up with his bike .

    An absolute legend, he was happy all the time, I don't think there was ever a time that I saw him in a bad mood. Honestly, I couldn't believe that he passed and it took a few hours for it all to come to me.

    My condolences go out to his family and other friends, the boys here at work miss you and so do the other guys who kept in touch with you more often, even though you left us to work at Altech I kept in touch with you, you were a top bloke after all.

    For everyone else, keep yourself in check over this holiday period, the roads are frantic, especially for my fellow riders.

    Mate, I'm happy you went down doing something you loved at the very least. Couldn't keep away from the bikes mate, never knew it would be the end of ya though.

    I'll see you on the track brother, in heaven.

    R.I.P Ronald 5/11/1983 - 27/12/2006

    Edited to add, I don't know him, just copied and pasted verbatim
  5. Thanks for the post smack

    Condolences to Ronald's family and friends
  6. It's crap isn't it? Doesn't mean anything until it's someone you know. One of the local radio jocks here started a campaign (backed by the newspaper he works for) 'Touched by the Road Toll'. I thought it was a little corny and over the top until I started noticing more and more cars with the stickers. It's then that you realise that road trauma affects so many people. The 'toll' are real people.

    The last accident I was at, I remember sitting down on the ground by my bike waiting for the ambo's to arrive and just thinking that this was shit, it wasn't worth it and why do we keep on riding. But ride we do. And I did. That was the 4th accident this year that I'd either witnessed or person I'd been riding with.

    Maybe in years to come some psychologist will work out why we ride bikes.
  7. bloody oath cejay......

    makes things more real.
  8. 13 now! :(

    "female pedestrian who was hit after she sat down on a major road in Sydney's southwest"

    No mention of speeding... or mental illness (WhoTF sits on a road???)
  9. i think she was clearly doing a post-seal inspection, and loose particle count :LOL:
  10. Oh gosh... please tell me that isn't a job you give to apprentices who start work with you :p
  11. This stuff scares the sh!t out of me, being a new rider n everything.. :shock:
  12. Neil Mitchell is behind that I believe, in conjunction with the Herald Sun newspaper.

    Does anyone here know where to get those stickers?
  13. Including watching my mate go down (and I know exactly what people mean) I've seen / stopped at 3..
    That is 3 too many
  14. I think Vicroads and Copshops carry them, I think
  15. indeed it is, except i provide them with high-vis clothes.....if they have been good ;)
  16. I must be something in the water around here as two days in a row I've watched collisions occur in front of me at roundabouts. No injuries except the wallets of the guilty parties but I'm avoiding roundabouts on my trip to Avalon Speedway today in case the third time lucky involves me :shock:

    Was interesting watching them occur, simple errors by drivers entering without seeing another car already in there in traffic and boom.

    Mind you we are talking about Taylors Rd & the Railway crossing & Taylors & Kings in St Albans so they are not your average small suburban roundabout either.
  17. Must be Ballarat drivers on holiday - that's normal behaviour for them.