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Griffin VS Kawasaki QLD.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pot87, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. okay i had to buy a new tacho cable for my kawasaki z250 and i work around the corner from Griffin Motorcycle Centre anyways i rock up there and they have a sale on..so thats all cool there was a few sales people standing around outside and i walked in and a sales person came up and asked if i needed any help, so i told him i need a new tacho cable for my kawasaki and he said i have to see the mechanic guy so i saw him and he goes they should have a few up stairs, so i walked up and didn't get to the counter because there was a group of sales people standing there chatting to each other and mucking around, then they all stoped and looked at me and one of them asked me if i need any help and i told them about the tacho cable and i didn't even finish my sentence and they said go to kawasaki in maroochydore, they didn't even type anything into the computer at Griffin to see if they had one in stock or not they just told me to go. I then said well i need some chan lube can i buy that from you guys?, they said "go to kawasaki they should have some there". As i walked back down the stars i heard them all laughing and carrying on. I think they were more intrested in their chat to each other that i was an interuption to them. Not many people were at the sale that Griffin had on when i was there because all the sales people were standing around and mucking around with each other.

    Anyway i went to Kawasaki in maroochydore and they treated me with the up most respect and helped me, the sales people there were chatting to customers and asking people if they needed help and they helped them out. I eneded up getting me new tacho cable and chain lube from Kawasaki and yeah they gave me a good price too. I know where i'm going to get a new bike from and my parts now and it ain't Griffin. I have to wait till tuesday for my tacho cable i was lucky they had one in the country otherwise it would have been a 3-4 week wait because they would have had to order it from japan. But yeah it's all good i can live without a tacho cable for a few days because the bike isn't on the road yet..well not for another week or so...then it's full stream ahead to go and get my licence.

    My opinion is that Griffin Motorcycle Centre Kunda Park isn't worth going to because i got mucked around and they didn't seem to want to help me out at all. I mean they should have typed something into the computer to see if they had a tacho cable in stock for a kawasaki, i see heaps of kawasaki's go up to Griffin for parts and servicing so they must have some Kawasaki parts there.

    So if you own a kawasaki don't go to Griffin Motorcycle Centre they are a bunch of idiots who don't want to help you.

  2. One of my pet hates is lack of service. :soapbox: I would happily pay more for an item knowing that you get the service as well. If there is a lack of service you must let the owner/manager know what is happening. He maybe unaware of what is going on. Next time you get unsatisfactory service ask to see the owner/manager and explain what happened and that he has just lost a sale or future sale. This will achieve two things, 1) it will keep him informed on the running of his business and what’s going wrong with it. Unless he is informed he may not know what is going on. 2) It will give you great satisfaction knowing that he knows that a lost sale ($$$$$$$$) is walking out the door! :dance:
  3. yeah i agree, i should have rang them up and conplained about the serivce and the way i was treated there. i won't be going back into griffin because of that.
  4. I've had similar experiences with the brisbane bike shops. I'm yet to find a shop I like its either no service or sales people who will just spill out shit.