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Grievous Bodily Harm?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2000VTR250, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Did you ever cause damage to pedestrian?

    Back in 99 I was travelling at 80 (the old posted limit) on mountain hwy going past king club toward Croydon.

    A lady in her 60s was waiting on the median & it seemed clear to me that she was waiting till I past her to jaywalk.

    Once I was approx 10 metres away (imagine, "past the point of not" as Rodey would say) she RUNS out across the road & I struck her.

    I was freaking out waiting for the cops to arrive thinking Id get done for something & the copper says to me "F'n pedestrians!"

    Its out of my control & I felt bad, if she wasnt suicidal she must have been blind.

    Any similar experiences y'all?
  2. Yeah, everyday but fortunately I've missed them. You cant save some people from themselves. Hopefully you didn't beat yourself up about it in the past (or now).
  3. I hit a pedestrian last year and thankfully got the charges dropped for Assault - causing actual bodily harm.
  4. Why did the cops charge you with an offence which involves intention? :?
  5. Yes I ran over someone once. They weren't 100% dead though so I reversed over them and did it again. Good memories :)
  6. Hee hee - I was not riding at the time though :)

    The guy was threatening me and as I was speaking to him using Italian body language (you know - all hands and stuff eeeh) and my fist wound up in his mouth.

    My Barrister explained that actual bodily harm just means that the person has some kind of injury. It could be simple as a bleeding nose he said.
  7. had a mate that hit a ped earlier this year... the guy was crossing the road, bike went to pass on left... guy kinda shuffles that way uncertainly... jumps back to right just as the bike changes direction as well.. basically it was a big confusion. Hit's ped, slides along on road, ped helps rider and bike up then pissbolts... must have thought he would have to pay for the damages... and well, he would have, and they were sad sad damages.
    Guess its better than a law suit.
  8. hmmm i was hit by friend, he was coming down a hill at about 50km's an hour did the same things as above, kind of like a chicken thing, i was infront and moved left, he moved left, i moved right, he moved right and he locked breaks and we collided head on, he was on my bmx :p and i was on foot, i suffered a concussion and a broken nose, he had no injuries, cant imagine what an injury would be like for a ped being hit by a motorbike.... did the old lady recover?
  9. Jumping on front of cars or trains is, unfortunately, a very popular form of suicide, as police will tell you.
  10. I've had more near misses than I care to count from pedestrians walking between cars without looking when I've been lane filtering.
    Had a young girl roll over my car a few years ago for doing exactly that. I hope it broke the bitches rib coz it cost me $500 to replace the side mirror.
  11. Riding through the city every day, i see peds wanting to come for a ride with me, and i say, no, you cannot. You are silly and foolish, and it is not a good way for a spin. Sometimes i try to kick them, but they seem more upset at this, but i think it would hurt less than coming for a ride. I would rather kick them if they want, because coming for a ride will hurt the bike, but the boot is ok, its pretty tough, so my choice is the boot. :shock:
  12. If you didn't know the situation as it happened to me you'd think that I was overly keen...
  13. I hit a pedestrian on my way to college a few years ago. It was on the Mount Lindsay Hwy in Brisbane which is an 80 zone. The traffic had banked up so I decided to use the VIP lane. ie Road shoulder. I was doing about 45ish when he walked out from in front of a truck about 5 metres in front of me. I didn't even have time to think "Oh Shit!". I hit him front on and he flipped to the side and behind me. I fell back off the bike from the impact and slid on the gravel. My bike however managed to stay upright and travelled about 50 metres. It was wobbling to a stop, still in 3rd, and I was just begging it to lay up gently against the fence it was near. It chose the gravel instead. the bloke I hit lay screaming and crying whilst I just looked on in disbelief. Turns out there was nothing wrong with him except for the fact that he was a pussy. He did lose his litre of milk though and I later found out he got $20000 from my third party insurer. I had a bruised groin and $900 damage to my bike. I was also fined for riding in the road shoulder and the police took my bike away to make sure it was roadworthy. I'd rather have been the pedestrian. At least he made a profit.
  14. no, not yet. but there are many i would like to run over.
  15. Never found out, its only some broken bones, her hip n head copped a bit of a whack
  16. Some peds have got to be trying for the Darwin award. Had a young female, walk across Chapel St on a busy Fri (or Sat) night with her head down, not looking at traffic. Jumped a mile when I revved the vtwin :p :LOL: Didn't hit her though.
  17. i smacked a hot girl on the bum when i rode past once...is that the same thing?
    i believe :furious: was her reaction
  18. I remember a motorbike almost hitting a young girl stepping out a bus. The idiot was gunning down the bike lane at 50km/h.
  19. I do my bit for all bikers - when they come too close (that 1/49495945th of a second they save crossing the road quicker is obviously worth the risk of me clipping them) I whip the clutch in and head up towards the redline. They don't seem so eager to cross the road then...
  20. i rooster tail people in bus stops on wet days .
    does that count :grin: