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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by fekkinell, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. ...nope. ;)

  2. what a great photo
  3. Did you take that? very impressive
  4. seeing as theres plenty of room in the oncoming lanes and the cars obviously haven't moved during exposure... shooped!

    Nice idea though. On some roads you could definitely pull it off legitimately.
  5. No no... not my photo. Just liked it too.

    I read somewhere that it was made by an agency in Sydney for a Vespa campaign... but don't hold that against it. ;)
  6. Unless it was going real fast

    They drive on the right in Sydney now?
  7. Sydney Nova Scotia?
  8. Sweet pic man, just the thought of filtering gets me all excited :3
  9. Would still be difficult, the exposure from the tail light moving would be bugger all compared to the rest of the still landscape. You would either need a super massive flare on the bike or a unique colour light that is very rare in the land scape that you could pump up after the shot. Or a double exposure of a quick shot of traffic then the bike on its own riding the line.
  10. What on earth are you talking about?
  11. The length of exposure time required to get the bike tail light effect, would mean that all the car lights would be overexposed blobs.

    So it's either just Photoshop, a REALLY bright bike like (impossible), or two photos blended into one to achieve the effect.

    Technical stuff aside though... I just liked the aesthetics. ;)
  12. Thought so, in that case OF COURSE ITS SHOPPED. I mean.. LOOK AT IT.

    I was trying to fathom why some were trying to justify their thoughts.
  13. Was just trying to figure a way to do it without just drawing a line on there, if you wanted to replicate more realistically.
  14. Cool image - although one thing is really bothering me.........

    Wouldn't this be a more efficient filtering path?

  15. wheres the fun in that?
  16. What if they needed the exit