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Grey oil under motor/gear lever GS500F

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fangsta, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. I've noticed a small collection of grey oil under my 2007 GS500F (5.2K on the clock), mainly under the gear lever.

    I really wanted to wait to the 6k before I took it to the mechanics. I bought it off someone who said the 1k service was done, but not recorded.

    Is it just a case of going slap happy on the chain lube? or something more serious?

    Bike runs fine, any ideas?


  2. oil or grease? could be side stand grease or as u said chain lube.

    Generally motor oil will either be clear honey colour: fresh or black: old.
  3. Definitely oil like, but not golden or black, the engine oil is golden.

    The colour is road grey.
  4. I've had something similar when I've used certain kinds of cleaner on the bike. Some of them tend to dissolve chain lube which accumulated around the front sprocket area. It was grey. Not ideal, but not a big issue.
    If you've got a proper oil leak you'll need to find it, though.
  5. clean it up see if it reappears
  6. I've cleaned it previously and it does reappear.

    Here is a photo of the offending goo

  7. yo resize that pic...not everyone has a monitor that big...

    Looks like its comming from gearbox, comming out golden colour and collecting muck turning to that offending:furious: colour. Not very fimilar with the GS500, is there a seal somewhere thats leaking oil? how is your motoroil levels?
  8. oil levels are fine
  9. +1 gear selector seal IMHO
  10. I'm with the others on the seal.
    With as small as the leak is, it would take ages for you notice your oil level drop.
  11. How urgent is it? I'll book in it for a service next week.

    It's nothing to $$ is it?
  12. The seal will be cheap, it's just a matter of how much needs to come off to get at it. I wouldn't bother hurrying, it's only a bee's dick worth of oil. The main question is why the seal failed - incorrect installation or something nastier?
  13. Keep an eye on the oil level and pay attention to the way it feels when you change gears.

    Limit riding to what you have to do. after you get it back just check to see they have degreased it, if no do it your self, it will make detecting any recurring leaks easier to spot
  14. that wouldnt leak bugger all oil as loz said. ive got a leak on my stump plug. i havent botherd to change teh washer :LOL: its still within min and max. and its been about 1 & 1/2 months, ive pissed out more oil under my bike than your leaver would by looks of things. you;ll be right
  15. There are only 2 reasons I know of that will make oil turn grey, moisture, and fine particles of non ferrous metal, such as aluminium. The leak is most likely the seal. The colour could be from condensation in the crankcase. If it is metalic, it will appear glittery when smeared on your finger and looked at through light reflection. Either way, get it looked at sooner rather than later.
  16. Bike is back from the mechanic.

    Grey oil turns out to be grease/chain lube built up near the small sprocket, when the engine heats up it seeps down. Nothing to worry about, but could use a clean. Will attempt next free time I have.
  17. interesting
  18. Have finally got around to removing side cover.

    The offending goo/grit has now being cleaned with kerosene.