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Grey Market XJR400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mauser, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. I've read a bit on these forums re "grey Market Imports", forgive my ignorance please, but what exactly is grey market?

    Speaking of it, I like the look of the Yamaha XJR400, would this available on the grey market? Would it be worth getting?


  2. There used to be a law, not sure if it still exists, that meant bikes older than a couple of years were expensive (impossible?) to register in Japan (someone with the straight dope will be by shortly...), so a lot of them were imported to Australia with relatively low km, and 'complianced' (made registerable) here. Many are good, some are dodgy, including being cobbled together from a few different bikes, and having odometers wound back or sourced from bikes with lower km. So there are some bargains, but also some reasonably dodgy bikes - the buyer beware.

    Not sure about the XJR400 - I guess any that are selling in Oz will be greay imports, so just check Bikesales, Bikepoint, the trading Post etc.
  3. Oh yeah, and it can be difficult, expensive and timeconsuming to source parts for bikes of which there are only a couple in the country.
  4. Thanks Bravus. Sounds like its best to stear clear mate.

  5. I actually saw 1 sitting for coupla mths in that bike shop on Elizabeth St, I think it's called Scooter City, owned by the boss in Yamaha City coupla shops down the road. But it got sold & has disappeared since.

    Really liked the retro look of the particular XJR.

    But it's a rare bird, grey import and all.
  6. There is a company authorised to import and compliance/register XJR400s (otobai imports) so they are available - just not that common for dealers to bother stocking them.
    I actually looked into them myself but unfortunately could not find any info whatsoever on whether the engine is in any way related to that used in anything else (ie if it's a bored out FZR250 block or a totally unique design). Parts availability could be a serious issue with them, especially since a lot of other parts definitely aren't shared with anything else. Parts could always be ordered from Japan but you could be looking at months before those come in.
    Kinda hoping Yamaha might bring it in officially to compete with the new Honda CB400, but doubt it'll happen.
  7. What Is the XJR is it a Dualie?? Or just a naked?

    Not only would you be waiting for the parts, they might also be on the dear side as you have to ship them, and if it's a rare/old bike in japan the actual part might be hard to come by. Not too sure about all that but, that's just my thought on it.
  8. The XJR400 is a 400cc replica of the XJR1300.
    Not exactly rare in Japan, in fact they're still being made.
    If they were available here new I'd buy one tomorrow :cool:.