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Grey Imports

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by my-way, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all new to forum.

    I've been riding for about 17 years and I have had my GPZ900R since 1992.

    It's starting to look a little tired now and I was wondering if anyone had imported their own grey import. I am interested to lean about how and the mechanics of importing a GPZ900 for parts from Japan as I want to restore my old baby to a "former" glory.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.


  2. G'day Andrew

    Welcome to the Forums.

    Not sure about importing, didn't they just pass a new law on grey imports? restricting it even further? Not sure.

    But all said and done, ids it really worth it for parts?, be prety expensive after frieght, import duty, they'll whack on GST etc.

  3. HI there

    I'm not sure.

    I think that the changes did not affect bikes.

    But seeing as it is, at last check, about $1600 for a new fuel tank I could import one for amout $3000 (late model) and get some trick bits off it as well and break it and sell the rest to recoup. GPZ900R parts ar getting hard to find such as good cond palstics and especially go fast goodies.

    Thanks for the heads up tho I'll recheck the import rules.


  4. Ring Customs, and maybe the Dept Transport in your state, stipulate it's for spare only (not going to be "complianced") and they should be able to help you.

    Good idea, why pay exhorbitant local rates if you can get away with importing cheaper.

  5. Andrew,

    Ring up a gey importer and ask if they can get some parts into their next container.

    Steve from Carringbah motorcycles in Sydney is filling a container at the moment. he may get some parts for you