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Grey Imports

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Monkeyrancher, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. I was wondering how you'd go about importing a bike. I've done a bit of reading and it seems that if you wanted a 250 hornet you'd need to get it imported (unless you could find it second hand, and that's pretty unlikely in the small country town of Adelaide)

    Also, what's the difference between an import and a grey import?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks
  2. As we don't make bikes in Australia, all motorcycles are imports.

    Grey imports are those not brought in by the factory (well their importer anyway) . They are purchased second hand. Usually from Japan as their strict rego laws make second hand bikes good value.

    There are two types of grey imports.

    1. 15 year old bikes. Vehicles are allowed in with no import duty after 15 years. These may be bikes that are similar to those sold here or totally different models.

    2. Vehicles that wern't available here. I think the bike you are after would fall into this category. I also think that if a bike was sold here that was similar to the one you are trying to import you pay the full duty. Don't quote me on that.

    I don't know how you go about Australian compliance on bikes that were'nt brought in by the factories.

    There are a few dealers that are bringing in grey imports. I think they sort out the compliance on certian models. This is why some of these importers seem to list a lot of only a few types of bikes.

    Buy one or both of the Motorcyle ad magazines the dealers are listed in there. I don't know if there is one in SA, but there is definetly one in Victoria and one in Queensland.

    Hope this helps
  3. Not neccessarily true but you'd have to be pretty damn luck to pick up an Aussie bike.

  4. Thanks for your help..
    I appreciate it :)
  5. Should find everything you need to know right here:

    Basically anything you import will have to meet ADR design specifications to be complianced and pass a roadworthy to be registered. This is usually easier with vehicles that have already been imported into the country since the information on what changes need to be made (if any) should be available.
  6. Monkeyrancher have you tried giving honda world on south road a call, im sure when i was there i saw a 250 hornet, i could be wrong but then again you might have to shell out some money just thought i would let ya know, give them a call, not sure of the number.
  7. Another couple of questions on the 'grey imports' for anyone who can answer...

    Are there any restrictions on availability of parts, servicing etc for them?
    Do insurance companies have any restrictions on them?
    Are they are good as the factory imported versions?

    Reason I ask, is I'm thinking of getting a 2nd hand Across (insert hysterical laughter and light-hearted ribbing from some forum members here :wink: and cheers from others!!) and am unsure about the whole 'grey import' thing...

    How do you tell the difference between factory imports and the greys?
    (Particularly with the Across)

    Ta! :D
  8. Thanks Marty - excellent info.
    Definately clears things up for me!
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  10. Ok so ya covered the 'hysterical laughter' bit - what no 'light hearted ribbing' to go with it sbk??! :LOL:
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  12. Ok - I'm happy now! :wink:
  13. My across which I'm selling at the moment is an import, 91 Across, complianced 2003. I haven't had any problems getting it serviced (even from a Suzuki dealer) and the insurance wasn't too bad even as a learner on rating 6. Rating 1 is much nicer... Big diff on the insurance is that the Across is classed as a sports/tourer (category 5) compared to say a CBR which is sports (category 6). This makes a huge difference in cost.

    As the Across was imported by Suzuki into Aus I haven't heard of any problems with parts. About the only difference the mechanic said he found with the imports is that the front suspension is set softer (fixed by a couple of 20c coins or other similar sized spacers).

    Buying a second hand 250 which is 5-15 year old can be a lottery. Look for one that doesn't need money spent on it day one. Get the bike checked by someone in the know. You will save yourself some money if the bike has been recently serviced, no problems with the cam chain, has plenty of tyre wear left, chain and sprockets in good condition, has plenty of reg. Beware of bikes with obvious damage as there is likely to be some damage which isn't obvious!

    Good luck with your hunt.
  14. Thanks for that Ashes, very helpful...
    I've been through the whole secondhand 250 purchase thing a couple of years ago when I got my virago so I've had some fun with private sellers/dealers already!
    I've had some fun with my baby cruiser but I'm looking for something like an across or a zzr now to try a different style and have a bit more fun. Am feeling a bit more sporty as I get older - Plus my tail bone is telling me it's time to change!!!

    Thanks again...
  15. or a yzf-600r (thundercat) - great bike as many people on this site will tell you.

    Not that I am biased towards the yzf or yamaha...
  16. The across, cbr250 and the spada were all available here (can anyone think of others) so parts wouldn't be a problem.

    Because japan is dumping their bikes here I think they are willing to dump their parts to, so even other bikes shouldn't be a problem. It was certainly that way with the cars when they were doing that.
  17. Kawasaki Balius and Suzuki Bandit are two I can think of that were available as both grey imports and locally delivered examples.