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grey imports

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ibast, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Does anybody have any experience with grey imports?

    I have noticed that a few shops are now bringing in 15 year old bikes, that are not 250’s.

    I like the sound of a few of the late 80’s big bores (fzr1000 or GSXR1100 or GPX100RX) or maybe a GB500 (I know. I’ve got a broad taste in bikes). Does anybody have experience with these bikes?

    Can you bring in bikes that are less then 15 years old if they weren’t available in Aus?

    I know this was possible with cars for a while. If so, how do you get compliance?

    I have seen ads for things like ZZR400’s. Does this mean that you can’t get Australian compliance on these type of bikes?
  2. My 250 was an import (91 Across, complianced 2003). The only thing I can find physically they did with the Across was remove the switch which turns the headlight on/off. The bike is in good condition, runs well and no mechanical problems over the last 12 months. A lot of these bikes would have been stored for some time before being brought back to life in Aus.

    You can't register a non-complianced bike so buying registered though a dealer shouldn't be a problem.

    Parts and info on the import is a problem if it wasn't released here. There seems to be quite a few bikes coming in that were never released here. I think 10yo is the magic number due to registration laws in some asian countries which discourage older vehicles/bikes from being registered.
  3. I bought a grey market GTR1000 some years back (a canadian one), badged with the american badges concours.

    It looked identical to the Australian model but as time went on I discovered there were some diferences.

    The exhausts were less restrictive than the Australian ones and the bike made a few more ps (the same ps as the earlier Australian ones, not the later ones even though this was a later model). Thats probably a good thing.

    I also discovered that the forks were slightly different, and that the fork seals for the Australian models didn't fit... this was a bad thing :)

    I also had difficulty arranging comprehensive insurance, some companies simply refused to insure it as they had a policy of not insuring grey market bikes. I eventually changed the badges to GTR1000 and presented it for inspection at the bike shop, didn't mention it was grey market and it was insured.

    I have heard of a number of people having insurance issues and parts issues with grey market bikes.

    Having said that... if the grey market bike is in good condition, and significantly cheaper than the Australian equivilent then I don't see a problem.

    Just remember that a grey market version _is_ worth less than the similar Australian version.

    Oh... and personally I'd avoid grey market bikes that are models that weren't sold in Australia at all. The parts issues on those are going to be _lots_ worse.
  4. not real sure on the years but i have a 2000 model zx2r complied in 2002 so im not sure?