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N/A | National Grey imports to be allowed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by edward_m, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    I realised there was no thread here for the fact that the government has decided to allow vehicles with less than 4000 km and less than 1 year old to be grey imported.

    I haven't heard whether this applies to motorcycles to, but I presume it does.

    What are your thoughts?

    From what I understand motorcycles are roughly the same price as in Europe but in the USA they are much cheaper than here (at least until the dollar dropped).

    Will grey imports force manufacturers to offer more models/better prices?

    Source: http://www.minister.infrastructure.gov.au/jb/releases/2015/April/jb029_2015.aspx
  2. The dollar was unusual before its currently closer to its historic average.
  3. The article heading and the article mentions cars. There is no mention of motorcycles. To me, this means cars only.
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  4. it's not like they thought through the announcement ;)

    was only meant to be a distraction from other events...
  5. I can see a lot of tears ahead...I reckon what you think you are saving could potentially end up as an unwinnable fight over defects or parts...to be fought with someone in a different timezone and several thousands of kms away..not to mention language issues...also you may not be covered by any consumer rights here for your purchase...caveat emptor...
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  6. Sounds to me like a business opportunity.
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  7. up to 1 year old but less than 4000km? So, basically a bike that's never been ridden then...hmmmn.

    There could be issues with the bike only being used for very short trips / not broken in correctly etc...warranty issues could also be a factor.

    However it might also mean that we get access to some of the bikes that importers won;t bring over because they don't sell in sufficient quantities.
  8. Yep, like the real Mt-07!
  9. Customs will charge gst as well. Another 10%
  10. The Lams version sells for $9K without on roads.
  11. Yep...you really would need to do your homework...I just can't see the savings in the long term myself...just hassles
  12. It would depend on what, if any, components were shared with Aussie releases.
    I ride a grey imported a Yammy FZX750, though its older, it has the motor from a standard FZ750 of the time so those parts are the same.:) Its the stuff you don't need regularly that's difficult. Like frame parts, covers etc . And right now its a Rack that I can't get here ( unless I have it made or make it myself) :banghead:

    that said, how many people buy parts online from overseas rather than a local shop anyway??
    I like to support local businesses but sometimes the savings are a pretty good incentive!!
  13. And with differences between most countries and Australians ADRs it will hardly be worth it
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  14. #15 CrazyCam, Apr 20, 2015
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    Would this change mean that I could go to Germany, buy a new BMW that perhaps doesn't have all the mandatory Ozzie model options, ride it about Europe for a wee while, then bring it back home with me?

    Instead of the tax bring it into Oz being based on the new price, it would be less, as it would be a "second hand" bike.

    Kinda like the old days.

    If indeed that is a possible result then I reckon it could be a good thing.
  15. Will used dealers be able to take advantage?
    If so they should be able to buy in bulk and save money, thus being able to offer us the imports to the general public at competitive prices.
    Only reason I want that to happen is so we can get more variety.
  16. Peter Stevens already imports lot of used Ducatis and Harleys from Japan as second hand vehicle.
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  17. In the eyes of the law it would also make the importer responsible for warranty, carrying spare parts etc. so it would put a similar burden on them as it would on current bike shops. It may even cost more if the brands don't want to set the importer up as a dealer, meaning that they cant order parts from the local warehouses leading to increased prices as they have to stock spare parts themselves.

    It's still early days so it's hard to see how it will effect the industry just yet
  18. Would it?

    What happens now with the older "grey" imports?

    Does Peter Stevens or any other "grey" importer, give a warranty on the Ducati whatever 400s that they can score cheap from Japan?

    (Where IS JustusJustus when you need a legal opinion. Come to think of it, where is he anyway?)
  19. Yes Peter Stevens offers 3 months as standard for all second hand vehicles even grey imports. I know as my 1098 was Japanese import. Was a much fairer price than a second hand one from Italian bike shop in adelaide and less km. Better overall condition. Never needed warranty work and ducati dealer told me they wouldn't touch it even if I did. Didn't matter as I've got a bit of coin behind me and willing to did stuff myself or pay if need be