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Grey Import? What exactly does this mean?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by iamahot1, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Can someone please tell me what this means. I see so many of them advertised but am clueless about this topic. Also, are they hard to get parts for being imports


  2. grey import means it was imported from japan after sale..

    2nd hand bike from japan. Generally models not sold here or hard to get. Spares and insurance can be more expensive for these bikes.
  3. Basically second hand bikes imported privately into Australia (usually from Japan). Only bikes not sold here can be bought in though there is a loophole in that if a bike wasn't sold here for a particular year (say '92) then 92 model bikes can be imported.
  4. Grey Import: A model that was not 'officially' released as an Austalian model. For some bikes like the CBR250's there are greys and locals, other models, like the Honda Bros are all grey imports. Just because it's a 'grey' doesn't necessarily mean parts will be hard to get. Bikes like the CBR and the Spada are being imported all the time and parts aren't that hard to come by. Also quite often parts are interchangeable with local models. The main thing to remember is when someone imports a bike it get an Australian compliance sticker. Some of the dodgier dealers will advertise a bike as a 98 (which was when it was complianced in Aus) when in actual fact the bike is a 91 model that's been rolling around Japan for 5 years previous...
  5. If you're not sure on when or if certain models were officially released then try checking out redbook.com.au - they only list official models/years or else list them as grey imports.
  6. Thanx guys. I've been wondering about that for a long time. Do you think these imports are better than what we can buy here
  7. Go and look at the post I put up this morning "sumoto and spare parts"
  8. Depends, often they provide something different to what you can buy here (like 250 Katanas :)). In many cases they are also usually in much better condition than an Australian delivered bike of a similar age for the simple fact that they are given a "freshen up" when they're imported - (usually new tyres, paint, brakes whatever) to bring them up to standard for ADR compliance. Japanese bikes also tend to have much lower mileage - 2,000kms a year or less is considered normal.
    Edit: Problems with parts will depend on the model, many are basically the same as models sold locally.
  9. depends on the bike you are talking about. taking a bandit 250 as an example, they're exactly the same. a GPX250 can (doesn't always) have the better twin disc front end. most 400s were never oficially released here, so they have to be better than the competition :wink:

    i wouldn't dwell too much on the grey thing, if the bike is right, then the bike is right :D
  10. There is also a 15 year rule. Vehicles older then 15 years can be brought in, even if they were sold in Aus.

    You see things like gsx-r750 s andn 1100 s 85-89 around a bit.
  11. Only a "15 year rule" for this year (introduced in March). Actually stipulates vehicles must be manufactured before Jan 1st 1989 - this date isn't set to change (so it's actually a "pre-1989" rule). Anything newer has to come through the new "Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme" (RAWS).
    Full details: http://www.dotars.gov.au/transreg/vsb/vsb_10.aspx#4.04
  12. Not entirely true.....

    Spare parts (whether they be brand new or second hand) are pretty easy to come by for a Grey Import these days.

    I recently purchased a CBR250R (which is a grey import) from Recycled Motorcycles in Lilydale and was worried about getting spares etc if god forbid anything should go wrong (knock on wood it's not going to) and I was told by the guys there that there is no problem in getting spares these days (brand new or used).

    They even took me out the back to show me their stock of spares as I must have been looking at them a bit suss. :-s :^o :-s

    So I'm not sure what Grey Imports you're looking at, but I can tell you that if your looking at Honda CBR250R's, then you won't have a problem

  13. Maybe your right, but this rule has existed for a long time, so maybe the update it each year so there is no arguement about whether it's 15 years or 14years and 364 days etc.
  14. Yes but the old rule was scrapped and replaced with new legislation in March of this year, changing it from 15 years to pre 1989. Basically the government is doing what it can to actively discourage grey imports due to pressure from the car manufacturers. Toyota in particular was really starting to suffer from the large number of grey import "surfs" eating into their Hilux sales.
  15. I'm with Chubz,

    I had absolutely no problem getting any parts for my FZR250R, which was a grey import. Nor was insurance any higher.
  16. I think one thing for the inexperienced to be wary of is the year/model of the bike; many ads for grey imports might say 2002 complianced but could be (and generally is) an early 90's bike.

    Meaning it met Australian compliance in 2002 but could have actually been made well over 10 years ago and has been sitting in a Japanese wreckers before being imported.

    I know there were some brand new Kawasaki ZXR250 (ZX2) imported.
  17. OTOH I had terrible trouble getting some parts for my Kawasaki Concours... which is a grey market GTR1000.

    And the local Kawasaki dealer was uninterested in chasing parts when he found out it was a grey market model.

    Basically it was 'if it isn't available from Kawasaki Australia or our regular aftermarket suppliers... then we can't fix it'.

    Also I had trouble insuring it because 'Kawasaki Concours' wasn't on the list of motorcycles for a couple of major insurers.

    More trouble than it was worth...