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Grey Import PDF Motorcycle Diagrams.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by s3cret, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I had been browsing and reading many motorcycle forums and the lack of English support in relation to bikes such as the FZR-250, ZXR-250 and so on is unreasonable. Anyways, I understand that these may not help all; however I have come across exploded views of motorcycles, mostly "Grey Imports". Of Course, the shops have access to these diagrams and so do you (just navigate around the companies Japanese website) - however, when I asked for photocopies, they refused to part with them and told me they're only viewable from the companies site. Therefore, anyone who wants a PDF file containing diagrams of their motorcycle (mostly Jap models) post you bike details and give me a few days to repost the file.

    Anyways, here's an example of what they look like.


    I also posted this @ the other bike forum - dam, can't remember the name of it now...
  2. pppftt, plenty of Netriders can supply you with exploded diagrams of their bikes :p :LOL:

    They look like the old microfiche diagrams? People are always af5ter this sort of stuff, and owner's manuals too....
  3. yep. SPADA ones are available in a variety of places..... google search is good.

    Ther are a ew sites that just have heaps of these for lots of different bikes..... no thaqt i have my bookmark file with me right now or i'd give you a link.
  4. Never found any pics like that on the Suzuki website. If you've found any of the Suzuki GSX250SSM (or SSN) Katana let me know, they'd come in real useful.
  5. i was looking for the suzuki GSX250 1982 manual .. with no luck must be a suzuki thing ...
    again if anyone finds one, "i love you long time"

    medium ed
  6. JD - months ago i found an exploded view of the GS500F, im sure you should find it around somewhere. Try searching for "parts diagrams suzuki [model]" on google
  7. If you could get the exploded view of an RVF400 particularly the foot pegs and controls that would be AWESOME.
  8. Acually, that is a great site and I would recomend it, especially for Suzuki models. Anyways, I tryed navigating around Suzuki's website but couldn't seem to locate their parts catalog. I'll try again later and see if I can find the model diagrams. Yamaha and Kawasaki models aint a prob, however I haven't tryed the others as yet...
  9. well if anyone has a Spada owners manula...i'd be ever so gratefull for a copy.

    i have the VT250 workshop manula and the honda common workshop manual.

    just would like something that tells me basic stuff.. like how far to inflate tyres and oils and fluids and etc.... you get the picture. :)
  10. There's a Haynes manual available for the GS/GSX 250 and 400 parallel twins - try the technical bookshop in the city.
    Oh and evilooliver the GS500 manual wouldn't be any use to me, my bike is a parallel-4 and water cooled. The only part it has in common with the GS500 is the air filter.
  11. and 10mm nuts :LOL:
  12. Does anyone know where I could locate a service manual for a Yamaha Zeal? ...Don't care what model or brand.

    I have an owners manual for the Zeal but I want a service manual so I have some sort of guidence when replacing the cam chain soon...
  13. JD - yeah i meant that if ive seen the GS500 exploded on a non-english website, im sure there would be one for the GSX :grin:

    Try http://perso.orange.fr/katana.france/Manuels.html

    Its french, but bits are written in english

    Might help, might not - worth a try
  14. I see, I'll keep looking but I've been looking for info for the last 2 years and as yet still no decent diagrams. If they are out there they're well hidden.
  15. thanks jd but no love i they just had the 91 katana
    my bikes 9 years older, and isn't a katana
  16. Really, the 91 Katana is what I'm riding. So who was selling what for one?

    Oh and it's not exactly cheap but surely this manual would cover your bike (I've ordered from that site before and they're quite good).
  17. mmm that's the one.... but at 60 bucks it's worth more than the bike... and especially with my mechanical skills
  18. I have part list with pix for the FZR250 3LN-3

    Also I know at which shop you can look up the FZR250 2KR

    And I have both the manuals and part lists for the CBR250R and CBR250RR

    If any one wants them I could be purswaded to burn a copy...