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Grey Import Odometer interference

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TWEET, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. The attached pic is from an Ebay auction for a CBR250RR import, and this is just an example of what to look for when assessing a bike and how genuine the km showing are.

    The seller says, it has low km, and believes that although the pic demonstrates otherwise, the km shown are genuine because 2 mechanics said so.

    Just an example for the potential noob buyer of what you might see. For my money, anything with an odo like this, says RUN!

  2. Thats not that bad, I've seen one with only 7,000kms on it.
  3. What do you mean "not that bad"?

    My point has nothing to do with the number of km travelled.
    If you can't see what my point is, then I hope you don't buy a used bike anytime soon.
  4. Sorry I missed your point I thought you meant something else.

    Have you ever been or are you in the market for a CBR/ZXR/FZR?
  5. mmm does look dodgy. There are other noobie probs too. My own example was some months ago I took my bike in to the reputable dealer in my area for a new Cam chain/tensioner. When I picked it up, by some fluke the ex,ex owner of my bike came in to pick up thier ride and noticed my bike to be his old one.

    Told the mechanics that he had taken it to the race track and run it without enough oil and seized the motor. So my 33000km bike was on its second motor plus thrashed.

    Was a happy ending though as this bike never let me down and is still going well for another new owner.

    Sometimes things can be not as they seem. Not sure how you could pick this one up tho when hunting for a bike??
  6. V8cressida do you think its dodgy because you think its been turned back or because it has 16,000 kms on it. I think Tweet is trying to say that 16,000 kms is way too much for a grey import CBR250RR. But if you look at the market 16,000kms is quite low compared to the other import CBR/ZXR/FZRs around.
  7. Night gash you have missed tweet's point. The numbers do not line up correctly...... Possibly evidence of someone tampering with the speedo. And of course it is possible a bike has only gone that far.

    Somewhere along the line the age of the bike must be reflected in the price (unless restored by an enthusiast). Plastic, hoses and other bits and pieces can become brittle/ cracked etc if not stored correctly over a number of years. As an example my old VL commodore that I always park in the same place has 1 side of the paint more faded than the other.

    A lot of grey imports are complianced lets say 2002 but may have been manufactured and used in another country for 10 years previous to that. (so not a 2002 bike at all.)

  8. haha the odometer on my 1992 zxr250 said 9800 km when i bought it :roll:
  9. Don't just loot at the odemeter. Wear on the foot pegs and gear lever are always a good indication of how much the bike has been ridden. Unless they dropped it and had to replace the footpegs etc.
  10. The numbers are timed so that it will only start to move when the previous number is on its last click, as you can see, its had 6 KM for it to move from 5 to 6, which is far too much, basically the odo is buggered, either tampered with or broken.

    It is quite reasonable for a new grey import to only have 16000 kms on it. Japan is neither big nor are things far apart, the difference is that the bikes will idle more in traffic, pbly not run through their entire revs, and been sitting for ages. The fact the odo has been tampered with means that its been somewhere where it has been ridden for a while to build up the kms, pbly over 50k, a mystical number when i would start to say for a 250 "hmm maybe a bit too much"
  11. A winner!

    Yes 16000km is not so hard to believe, however on say a 1990 model still deserves suspicion, but the fact this odometer has ticked over 6km and the second didgit still has not turned over to 6. Now that requires great suspicion, check disc wear, footpeg rubber, chain sprockets, grip wear, seat, etc
    Just something I thought would clearly show a noob what they might like to look out for esp with 18yo imports
  12. Take it to Sumoto, they are experts at fixing Speedo's :LOL:
  13. "Well i see your problem there, its supposed to be at 6000km, and someones just given it too much of a bump, here lets fix that one for ya!"
  14. for mine, every 10,000 kms, it takes 50-150 km for the 10,000 number to line up correctly.... nothing seems wrong with this one....
  15. Just because the speedo has been wound back doesnt mean the bike is bad, its that or you could just have a worn speedo.
  16. Who says it has been wound back?

    Just because the numbers don't line up?

    There are little tabs on the wheels which, when they (rarely) break, can have a result like that. The hundreds will keep turning, the thousands will stop.

    Winding backwards should not/would not be any problem for a good instrument...it takes a while, though.


    Trevor G