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Grey Gum Cafe - Satellite Phone

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 69SIM, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Just a bit of a heads up, Grey Gums Cafe is currently operating a tip jar to get enough funds together to purchase a satellite phone to help in case of an emergency with motorcycle accidents as reception in that area is very poor.

    You can check out their FB page for more info.

    Grey Gum Cafe | Facebook
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  2. You got to give it to Kim,cafe owner,brilliant idea. I thought the Motorcycle Council was agitating for more mobile towers up there. Its a long drive for an Ambo when there needed bad.
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  3. Well there has been a huge update in regards to this. Pivotel has come to the party and looks like they'll be donating a satellite phone to Grey Gums!

    Screenshot (15).

    This is just the kind of thing that I love to see! :D
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  4. That is sensational news!!!!!!!
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  5. So good!
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  6. Great news, Good on Pivotal
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  7. Wonderful!

    Thanks pivotel and Grey Gums
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  8. Update!

    Screenshot (16).
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  9. isn't Grey Gums up for sale?
  10. Not sure of the current state TBH. I had heard it was, but *shrugs*
  11. I hope the new owners are rider friendly also!
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  12. Grey Gum Cafe is permanently up for sale. John's health is not good and Kim is finding it very difficult to run on her own. If someone came among with a fat chequebook and made an appropriate offer, John and Kim would set aside their long term plans for the place and retire....
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  13. I'll have to crowd fund some money. That place would be worth a fortune...
  14. They were very close to a huge deal with a motorcycle manufacturer a few years back. It involved continuing with the cafe and expansion of Kim and John's property into a big motorsport park, motocross track, enduro circuit, tar training track etc etc. Sadly late into the negotiations the deal fell through...
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  15. How do MC clubs usually fund their clubhouses?? ;)
  16. They don't pass hats around that's for sure...
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  17. If we start dealing in some hard drugs we could raise the cash quite quickly..........
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  18. what about a 'men of Netrider' 2017 calendar???
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