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Grey Gum Cafe - Putty Rd

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by colr6, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have received some disturbing news regarding the cafe on putty rd. My dad gets the Ulysses news letter and the following article was printed:

    Does anybody have any further information on this?

    If anybody is riding this road could they please stop in and sign the petition. It would be sad to see this place close down.

    I have also sent them an email asking if there is a PDF version of the partition so others can sign and send back. I will let you know how it goes.

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  2. Perhaps a weekend netrider group ride up to putty road to sign it?

    I'd be willing to attend.
  3. Sunday is good for me.

    FFffing RTA
  4. Fing council and RTA wankers,its the only stop revive and servive place for miles with the entrance on a relativly long straight strech with good visability.What this country needs is a good cleaning out of these useless bruacratic bullys.I am in on any action needed to fix this.
  5. And I thought after so many years of getting bent over by the previous state government, that the new government would be a good change, how wrong I was.
  6. I saw the same note and have emailed grey gum for pdf also. Will take a ride up on sunday to sign and to show my support. Great coffee, people, ride, ... In less than a year the place has become an institution.
    RTA wants grey gum to pay for a right turn lane! What numpty comes up with this stuff?

    I go up a couple of times a month and have never had to delay my turn in for an oncoming car or had another vehicle anywhere near my tail - other than mates on bikes also turning.
  7. Google map link to this place?
    ETA: Found it!
  8. I am OUTRAGED!! I have been travelling the Putty for nearly 40 years and in all that time there has NEVER been a better road-house than Kim's Grey Gum.
  9. Isn't RTA shutting up shop?
  10. i've also emailed Kim asking for pdf / weblink of petition and for updates

    stupid stupid government

    ...and hypocritical too considering their "Rest stops" are usually some half-assed gravel/dirt shoulder strip where they've levelled some bushes on the side of a 110km/h busy highway
  11. A conspiracy nut might say get rid of the Motorcycle café = getting rid of the bike riders
  12. Stopped in on Monday morning for a cap and a sandwich.. Signed the petition, They mentioned that today was the day the council wanted them to cease trading.

  13. It used to be a servo, right? wtf is the difference between a servo and a cafe?

    If someone gets their hands on a pdf of the petition could you post it here?
  14. Nah servo is about 10k's north, burnt down. See old dave out front every now and then with the bbq running....
  15. I'm up for a protest ride there on Sunday; how dare they expect Kim to make changes to the road that have NEVER been required of the Garland Valley stop OR the servo at Colo Heights.

    **update** I just talked to Kim, she said she was supposed to cease trading this afternoon; she says she'll be open for business tomorrow!!!!

    I told her we were trying to organise a ride there on Sunday to protest the situation, she said she would be very grateful. While I was speaking to her the phones were ringing in the background; I'm guessing the corrupt RTA might have a fight on its hands.
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  16. She certainly indicated on monday that they would fight! :D
    On shift this weekend otherwise i'd ride down Sunday.
  17. I am going on The Rocker Run heading south to the Gong on Sunday so I am out.Keep us informed on this,pathetic to do this to nice people coming up to Christmas
  18. Seems really unfair too impose such a thing on a trader.
  19. I'm just thinking of the entry in to the Pie in the Sky. That is hell dangerous! Why is that not shut down? Bloody Singleton Council and RTA!
  20. I've never been up there, but I'll be in for a protest ride anyway. I'll chain myself to a tree with a "no dams" t shirt. Oh, wrong cause. Never mind, I'll still be in it.