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Grey Gentry visiting tonight from Mildura

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Red Dragon, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Wondering if anyone interested in dining out tonight,short notice I know but only just got word,and was asked the question of maybe trying to organise somewhere to eat for Ron and Marls and if anyone wanted to join them,will post here if and when somewhere is decided,,any suggestions are welcome

  2. Ok, here is the venue:

    Lion Hotel
    Melbourne Street
    North Adelaide.

    Kicking off at 7:30pm.

    Table name is called "netrider". It's in the casual, outside area.

    See you there.
  3. Thanks all. Good to catch up with you, the Lion was good venue and easy parking.
    An interesting ride back thru the hills to Williamstown, wasn't it Simon? :grin:

    If I had have known on Tuesday, that I was going to staying the extra night and attend the Scoozi wed night meet, I would not have asked :oops:
  4. The Ride was great, it was a pleasure to meet you both.

    The ride was a learning experience as are all rides when Kangaroos are involved. He was just showing me what to expect from now on.

    We all would have still come even if you were coming on wednesday, thats what we do...

    Glad you had a safe ride home and hope to see both again soon.
  5. We dont need much of an excuse to go for a cruise, :p so it was our pleasure to ride to Williamstown with you,glad your home safe,unfortunate about your extra expenses,but they would have to be done anyway,Yes the Lion pub was good,good meal,big choice, EASY PARKING,
    Anyway,see you again soon I'm sure
  6. Well...we will be riding down again tomorrow. Marls and I will be dining at the Williamstown Hotel booked for 7/7.30pm. If anyone would like a ride to Williamstown, and to join us for a meal, you're welcome. The pub number is: 8524 6215