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Greg Pretty killed (Police blame motorcycle legend)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. The older blokes here will remember Greg from the 70's and 80's. He was killed in a Streetbike crash yesterday. Another one of our legends leaves us.

  2. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    a great rider gone :(.
  3. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Very sad, another great S.A. rider dies in a road accident.

    Greg Pretty.

    Sandown Park
  4. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Tragic news.....absolutely tragic.:shock:
  5. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Yeah, nailed by a bike rider crossing the centreline.
  6. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Yep. We shouldn't speculate on why he crossed, but as a general comment, I do wish riders would take running wide on blind corners more seriously.
  7. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Rest In Peace
  8. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Very sad news. I missed this as I was on the road at the time. What a star Greg was; so sad to hear this.
  9. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    It was so good to see so many people at Gregs funeral..He touched many hearts in is life and mine is one.Every time i hear a bike go past or in the distance i now think of the one and only GP.......RIP................I know atleast one of the riders that was right behind Greg before the impact and i feel very sorry he had to see such a horrible moment.
  10. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Sorry to hear this terrible news :-(

    Goes to show that even the most experienced riders can still be taken out by others mistakes.
  11. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    I hope you blokes gave him a good send-off. We had a minutes silence for him, at the Island on Friday. There were 2 new xs1100 chain drive bikes there, which got a lot of attention.
  12. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    rip greg
  13. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    From what i have heard,the latest is that the other bloke was in the right.I know it doesnt change the fact our friend is gone,but the family of the other rider may feel a little better knowing this.
  14. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    My enduring memory of Greg was the Castrol Six Hour in 1979.


    This picture, courtesy of Greg Bennet's excellent tz350.com shows Greg, the late Jim Budd and Malcolm Pitman standing by the XS1100 just minutes before the start of the race. In a tragic irony, the #6 bike next door is the Alan Hales/Neil Chivas GS1000 Suzuki that qualified 3rd that year. As most will know, Alan also passed away a couple of years ago while riding on the Old Road.

    But the story is of what happened the afternoon before. Kiwi star, Graeme Crosby, was riding the Z1R Kawasaki for AKAI and was looking the goods, but Dennis Neill on the Honda 900 (on Metzeler tyres!!) had upstaged them all to take pole.

    Then, late on Saturday afternoon, after qualifying was over, Neil Chivas on the Suzuki, Graeme Crosby on the Kawasaki and Greg Pretty on the Yamaha found temselves on the same bit of track at the same time and suddenly it was on. The "cool down" session suddenly became red-hot as the three riders turned it into an impromptu sprint race. Lap after lap went by with the riders exchanging places (and almost paint), carving their way through the traffic and causing explosions of anger and frustration in the pits. Respective Team Managers were hanging out "IN" signs over the pit wall, only to be ignored. Mechanics and crew were hanging over the pit wall, waving and gesturing, trying to get the boys to call the race off before the teams' valuable race bikes and riders were involved in what could have been a serious accident.

    But did Pretty and co take any notice? Nope. They blasted by up Bitupave Hill, chins glued to the tanks and eyes fixed straight ahead. Everything stopped as people ran to the fence to witness this craziness. How long it lasted I really can't say. It seemed like an hour, but I'm sure it wasn't.

    Finally, good sense must have filtered into one of the rider's brains and the spell was broken. All three riders slowed and motored back into the pits. I was standing in the Suzuki pit where team #1 rider, Alan Hales was beside himself with anger, pacing up and down and threatening all sorts of mayhem. When Chivas pulled to a stop the bike was hot and smelly. Even before he took his helmet off, Hales was at him, using words that can't be repreated here, but I'm sure you can imagine what was said...valuable race bike, race tomorrow...preparation....irresponsible...yada, yada, yada..

    Chivas took of his helmet and replied, "But we were only having fun."

    Hales's reply is not printable.

    Amazingly, for all the angst at the time, I'm sure that all 3 riders thought that what they were doing was perfectly safe....the enthusiasm of youth.
  15. Re: Greg Pretty killed.

    Farewell Greg. Now can we all let him rest in Peace.

    if I had known that some of you were going to turn this into a scrap, I would have never started it.
  16. Police blame motorcycle legend for fatal crash

    Police blame motorcycle legend for fatal crash

    "... In documents tendered to the Coroner's Court, Major Crash investigators concluded Pretty had veered onto the wrong side of the road while cornering. ..."
  17. Yeah, this has been known for a while. Still bloody sad, anyway you look at it.
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