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Greg Hansford 10 Years on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. March 2005 marks 10 years since Greg Hansford was killed in a Supertouring Car race at Phillip Island in 1995.

    He had lost control of his car at Turn 1 and bounced off the tyre wall into the path of another car.

    I was working at Siberia at the time and saw and heard the impact and was the 4th fatal incident I'd seen in less than 6 months.

    A great rider, driver and great bloke to talk to, still missed after 10 years :(
  2. And Gregg was also the winner of the most exciting motorcycle race on the Australian mainland, the final of the Rothmans 750 Pro Series at Oran Park, a three way brawl between himself and Warren Willing and John Woodley on a Suzuki 500 (the others on 750s)
    The race was 25 laps, there was never more than half a metre between them and Woodley almost pinched it, but the immaculate preparation of Neville Doyle's team bikes and Gregg's awesome riding skills made it a green win on the day.
    And let's not forget that if he hadn't been a big tall Queensland boy he'd have won four WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS as well. The only reason Kork Ballington won the 250 and 350 titles in the years Gregg contested them was that Kork was always a bit faster because he was jockey-sized and could tuck right in below the screen; Gregg always had his head and elbows out in the breeze, and lost four world champoinships because of it!
    He was much loved, and is sadly missed, as are the many who have left us doing what they loved best, entertaining us with their sublime skills.
  3. Gone but Not Forgotten
    see link below
    Click Here
  4. Great link groberts03.

    One of us should send the man a pic of Richard Cant to add to the honour roll.