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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kermie, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Long time lurker, just hadnt signed up until recently.

    Own a black 09 ninja 250R, I call it "the pushy" because it is compared to the monster energy ZX6R that I want to upgrade to once LAMS is over & more experience is gained.

    Have been a long time kawa fan and dont plan on changing. :D
  2. Welcome blackster
  3. Howdy! What colour is your bike?
  4. Unless your refering to the paint code?

    09" Diablo metalic black
  5. :facepalm:

    welcome mate
  6. G'day Blackster and welcome bud.
  7. Welcome blackster, nice to see another kwaka fan! I can vouch for the zx6r...great bike & buckets of fun
  8. I believe I was referring to my poor skim reading skills and my blonde hair *wipes glasses clean*

    Post pics....or something...anything to deflect from my idiot-ness. :oops:

    ETA: hang on..did you edit your post later to add the colour in!?
  9. Welcome to the calm sensible world of Netrider :LOL:.
  10. Hi blackster. Welcome. We have the same bike, just that mine is not erm... diablo metalic black. Mine is just... black.
  11. Welcome to the club sexy legs!

    And hi "the pushy" - any pics of the pushy?

    I have a YELLOW bike (pick up on FRIDAY!) and I have a BRITISH RACING GREEN bike.

    What state you in? And when do you get off your LAMS?

    And yes - Kwakas rock! I have an ER-5 Kwaka
  12. FWIW, I came across the different paint codes when I was searching for a rear seat cowl & confirmed the paint schemes with kwaka.

    08 & 10" Ebony black (non metallic paint)
    09" Diablo black (metallic paint)


    I then awoke from that dream to find this



    NSW, going for my P's soon; so it will be at least another year.
  13. good luck with the P's :D

    nice bike dudeman! even nicer dream bike :p
  14. Sex on wheels. :bannanabutt:
  15. Onya and welcome.